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Max signature height?

halpyhalpy Member UncommonPosts: 42
I couldn't find the answer anywhere =S


  • phantomghostphantomghost Member UncommonPosts: 737

    Don't worry, they won't answer you but I got ya.


    Six lines should be ample space. Use that as a guideline. 


    Michael Bitton 
    Community Manager, MMORPG.com 

    -----Original Message----- 
    From: phantomghost@mmorpg.com [mailto:phantomghost@mmorpg.com] 
    Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 9:48 PM 
    To: community@mmorpg.com 
    Subject: Re: MMORPG.COM : You have been issued a warning. 

    Umm, then put a limit on the size. No where does it say I cannot have a large sig, nor does it define large. 


    ----Original Message---- 

    Dear phantomghost,

    You have been issued a warning by one of our moderators.

    Warning Category: Other

    Reason: Signature is too large.

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