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Did they fix hunter?

fistormfistorm Member UncommonPosts: 868

When I left after ROI,  hunter was in a horrible state.   Squishy , mana starved, and only had dps as their role.  


Three questions.:

Did they add a lot more defense to hunters, allowing them to be top solo'rs again?   Like they were when mithril flakes used to drop in mines of moria and they could solo the mobs that drop them?   Those were some of the best hunter days.


Did they do something about mana so that with best gear in game you are not running out of mana halfway though a boss fight?  Like in moria when Hunters could last all the way to the end of a turtle fight without running out of mana with the best gear in the game.


Last but not least,  did they add another useful role to hunters besides just being a dps?    Like a burglar has fellowship manuvers, Loremasters have Crowd control, Champions can offtank in raids.   When I left they had worse crowd control then a loremaster, did they do anything with that trait line to make it as powerful as loremaster or no?


  • fistormfistorm Member UncommonPosts: 868
    6 days no reply, thats not good.  Is anyone out there?  How is the games population?
  • JaedorJaedor Member UncommonPosts: 1,173

    Population is down, sad to say. Hunters were improved with RoR; bubble for defense against melee, additional mana options and plenty of aoe pewpew. I leveled a hunter to 85 easily during RoR and it was a blast.

    With HD, all the classes were changed up quite a bit. I don't recall seeing many complaints about hunters so presume they were not affected like my poor mini was. I recommend you hit the lotro forums and read up on all the changes that came with the Helm's Deep xpac.

  • tagostagos Member UncommonPosts: 12

    The hunter is now unbelievably dull to play. It's absolutely over-powered compared to enemies but even more underpowered compared to other classes.

    LOTRO is no longer even pretending to be a serious MMO since Helms Deep.  No matter what class you play there is no challenge or fun (IMO etc).

    Keep whatever fond memories of the game you have. Don't go back.


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