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AMD Bundles Battlefield 4 With Kaveri APU

MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,133

AMD will now be bundling their upcoming APU Kaveri with the fps game Battlefield 4. AMD is already running a similar bundle with their latest generation R9 series GPU’s, but now it will be further expanded with their upcoming APU’s.

One APU which seems to be confirmed to be involved in the bundle is the A10-7850K, while another one will be the lower end model the A10-7700K. Since there’s no point in giving out Battlefield 4 along with a processor, the name “APU” might solve your problem. The APU’s are confirmed to have AMD’s current generation of R7 series GPU’s integrated in the chip which will likely run the game smoothly on a 1080p resolution.



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