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Clan Creech: Rise of the Mutates!

HenchdwarfHenchdwarf Member UncommonPosts: 517

Enough time has passed that the copied line of man has split into two paths...One pure and reflective of the natural beings who came before, and another line of increasingly twisted horrors, abreacting and degrading with each successive generation..

One such gnarled branch of this metasticizing family tree has risen as Clan Creech! 

There was a crash in the sky, and down it fell, blazing titanium satelitte bearing throbbing green cargo...shattered against the mourning sands of an already fallen earth...from the wreckage crawled we...the green haired and cat eyed lab-born other, radioactive subhumans, disrupting and interacting with lifenet radio frequency...captured and reproduced...

The glowing, oozing tribe wandered and explored, to find hatred and slaughter at every turn from those whose form more closely favored the mad gods of a lost age...So a home we sought, and found in Odenville, a harrow and empty city on the edge of all recovery...

A palace for all mutants and mutates. Born wrong or tainted in life, we accept all who drag a whithered limb or whose gaze reduces men to ashes and any in between who has been lashes and burnt and slain but the preforms...


Join Clan Creech! Devour the so called post world order! Follow the glowing star across the blighted wipe of a night sky to our clutch and join the next evolution,


((Clan Creech -  Fallen Earth Clan   RP (lite)/PvP  (full time and welcoming all comers)

8 actives, seeking total of 15-20.  Fun easy going players with ambition, who like RP but who are not hardcore or judgemental.  We want a tight team who wishes to build a family with a strong ingame identity.   So far we have connected very well, very dedicated to the game.  Mostly NA players, spanning East to West time zones.  Both paying and F2P players welcome and valued.  Random acts of generousity towards the entire FE community are a must.


Two tiers of characters exist in the guild.

normal toons, roll whatever you like. 


roll a Creech for rp.  Must have green hair, green cat eyes, radiation tattoo on forehead, last name Creech.  

ingame start in boneclaw, do cockroach pet quest, we will purchase you a chicken mount for RP purposes. Also, Creeches leave /pvp on full time to foster the sense of urgency and predation from normal humans. this is intensely fun all the time, but not for everyone. ))


PM   Lester Creech,  Oblivia Creech, Ichabod Creech, MrStark, Goffponk   ingame  or just come to Odenville and look around. We live there, RP there, and invite all players to pick a side in the Mutate Genocide!!!! hunt us or defend us, the RP struggle never ends if we are online. We will hate you in character perhaps, but actually we really appreciate mega killers hunting us...it makes the game come alive.



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