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Mac and the perpetual update window!

ikkenoikkeno Member UncommonPosts: 67

Hai! Just figured i´d make a post about how bored i am.

I am bored.

First i tried to download the "Play instantly" that would allow me to play while the client downloaded. But seing as i am sitting on a Mac, and nothing ever works as it should on any of my Mac's, the launcher bugged like hell and entered a loop where it failed, restarted, failed and so on.

A googlsearch told me that this was a common problem and that i should download the full client and do it the old fashion way.. And so i did. Took me about 9 hours with my connection (18 or so gig).

After installing the full client i apparently still had some patching to do. Now the patcher is working fine, but still.. it has been happily going on for 8 hours now.. and going strong!!

It would be nice to update the bloody install file? xD Soon it has taken me 2 full days to install this game..


There, now i am finished ranting, maybe this can be a warning of sorts to others who want to download LOTRO for mac, make sure you have something else to do while you wait :D


Peace from Norway! And happy newyear!

- Nothing lasts.. but nothing is lost. -

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