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Your most anticipated MMO game/expansion of 2014..



  • RhoklawRhoklaw Member EpicPosts: 5,339
    Originally posted by Randayn
    Elder Scrolls Online and The Repopulation (Repop would win the tiebreaker if it was actually in beta, but taking way too long to get there and Im concerned it wont get there)

    I feel exactly the same since it's hard to say if The Repopulation will even make it out this year. So it's TESO for me until I see a Repop launch date.

  • HelleriHelleri Member UncommonPosts: 930

    I am hoping runescape will get it's act back together this coming year. 2013 was supposed to be "the year of the players" and they fell painfully short (it's at the very least good on their part to full admit to this). The HTML5 failure especially, was really disappointing. They did a lot of hard work on that, so that runescape could be ported out to tablets, smart phones and other devices. And, it simply didn't come to fruition. They were shooting to high, support for what they want to introduce simply isn't there yet. So, while the HTML5 beta is still open, live with the current game, and playable...It remains laggy and terrible. So Runescape3 is left essentially half-finished and may be so for another 2-3 years.


    But, my hope comes from what's going on starting in January of the new year. The Runescape team will be adding an in-game guaranteed content polling system in which the players will take partial control of the development. No around 7 development decisions in varying ranges of game impact will be made by the players each month. The players by voting will now have the ability to instruct development on where to focus. The feed-back forum mod team is supposed to be stepping up their game as well. There should also be a much greater degree of player submitted content and support for it. I am hoping this will be a really good year for runescape (something of a redemptive year).


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