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Your most anticipated MMO game/expansion of 2014..

Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Member RarePosts: 9,522

Just name one....

Here we go, my choice is 


The Elder Scrolls Online

Best MMO experiences : EQ(PvE), DAoC(PvP), WoW(total package) LOTRO (worldfeel) GW2 (Artstyle and animations and worlddesign) SWTOR (Story immersion) TSW (story) ESO (character advancement)



  • VincerKadenVincerKaden Member UncommonPosts: 457
    The Repopulation


  • syriinxsyriinx Member UncommonPosts: 1,383
    Im more interested in Next than Landmark, so Warlords of Draenor by default.
  • BadSpockBadSpock Member CommonPosts: 7,974

    Warlords of Draenor, but also Destiny (not technically an MMO) and Diablo 3 expac (also not technically an MMO)

  • RandaynRandayn Member UncommonPosts: 904
    Elder Scrolls Online and The Repopulation (Repop would win the tiebreaker if it was actually in beta, but taking way too long to get there and Im concerned it wont get there)

  • PpiperPpiper Member UncommonPosts: 795
    Warlords of Draenor 
  • DistopiaDistopia Member EpicPosts: 21,175
    The Repopulation

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  • Jean-Luc_PicardJean-Luc_Picard Member EpicPosts: 6,789

    Game: Everquest Next Landmark.

    Expansion: Draenor.

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  • azzamasinazzamasin Member UncommonPosts: 3,090

    The Division


    Because I think ESO is a trainwreck in waiting and EQN is not coming out this year.  Not a crafter and I hated minecraft so Landmark gets no hype from me.

    Sandbox means open world, non-linear gaming PERIOD!

    Subscription Gaming, especially MMO gaming is a Cash grab bigger then the most P2W cash shop!

    Bring Back Exploration and lengthy progression times. RPG's have always been about the Journey not the destination!!!


  • HatefullHatefull Member RarePosts: 1,479

    Originally posted by Vayman
    The Repopulation

    Same, hoping it makes it to BETA, this new round of kick starter and Green Light should help but I am not holding my breath.

    If you want a new idea, go read an old book.

  • BearKnightBearKnight Member CommonPosts: 461
    Originally posted by Lord.Bachus
    Just name one.... Here we go, my choice is    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Probably "The Division" since it is coming to PC now.


    ESO is a failed experiment to go heavy themeparky and trying to bring in multiple crowds while still not honoring the original IP concept of Elder Scrolls, so no go there.


    The Repopulation would have been my choice if they had been using a different engine than Hero Engine. Hero Engine is very, "Waxy" feeling when you work on it. Not a very good choice for an engine tbh.

  • ZzuluZzulu Member Posts: 452

    I'm not anticipating much for 2014.


    I guess I'll keep an eye on Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar but I doubt I'll play either outside of the betas. EQ:Landmark interests me but I'm not sure how it'll qualify as an MMO yet


    for 2015 it's EQ:Next and Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade all the way.


    I only heard of The Repopulation yesterday and it certainly has many interesting sandbox features but you can see from a mile away that it's going to be buggy and unfinished at launch so I'll just wait a year or two before I venture into that mess

  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Member RarePosts: 5,361

    The Division


    Elder Scrolls Online

  • RaidonnRaidonn Member UncommonPosts: 10
    Elder Scrolls Online
  • stealthbrstealthbr Member UncommonPosts: 1,054
  • SWGbestevaSWGbesteva Member Posts: 10
    In order, The Repopulation, EQ Next, and Wildstar, though EQ Next and Wildstar are probably tied right now.
  • MalviousMalvious Member UncommonPosts: 209
    Nothing its going to be another year of fail mmo's o/

    Fine, we'll compromise. I'll get my way & you'll find a way to be okay with that.

  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,702
    Originally posted by Vayman
    The Repopulation

    This for the moment, but I'll wait and see how the cash shop pans out before even trying it.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] UncommonPosts: 0
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • severiusseverius Member UncommonPosts: 1,513

    Absolutely positively nothing.  Unless something is brewing with zero press coverage I cannot see myself parting with a dollar or 1mb of hard drive space for the drivel that these companies are pushing out their doors.


  • Viper482Viper482 Member RarePosts: 1,796
    Originally posted by ElRenmazuo
    The Division Destiny Elder Scrolls Online

    According to the devs Destiny is not an MMO and is not coming to the pc. Just sayin....


    My vote goes to hoping Black Desert gets here in some capacity. Other than that very disappointed with a few betas I was in for some big name titles coming out this year. Wish there was something to look forward to :/

  • SiphaedSiphaed Member UncommonPosts: 1,046

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon Member RarePosts: 27,663
    Originally posted by Viper482

    According to the devs Destiny is not an MMO and is not coming to the pc. Just sayin....

    Close enough.

    Destiny is listed here just like D3.

  • DMKanoDMKano Member LegendaryPosts: 17,285

    ArcheAge US/EU

    New Expansion - Rift 3.0 (also D3 RoS)

    Also looking forward to Defiance DLC 3-5 and season 2 shows



  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer Member EpicPosts: 8,173

    Well, the biggest thing that has my curiosity this year is the fact that AO actually has a replacement engine in beta.

    I want to see WOW:WoD too.

  • PhryPhry Member EpicPosts: 9,118
    I'll have to go with the Division, okay its more of a multiplayer online thing than an MMO, but, the graphics looked awesome and i like FPS, though not so keen on 3PS. Mostly though i just see myself playing the same games i was playing in 2013. image
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