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Illyriad - What a Gem

blythegablythega Member UncommonPosts: 174

I just discovered this gem of a game this week.

If you are looking for a very in depth persistent empire building game then look no further. Here are some of the features mentioned which I have only just started unlocking:

  • Free-to-play and no downloads, each server has a capacity of over 60,000 simultaneous competing players
  • Fully interactive and richly detailed gameworld
  • Hundreds of military units including: Infantry, Spearmen, Cavalry, Archers and Siege engines
  • Multiple military strategies including: Attack, Raid, Occupy, Reinforce, Siege
  • Full technology tree of over 450 research options
  • Rich set of "diplomatic" options including: Spying, counter-intelligence, theft, sabotage and assassination
  • Multiple races to choose from including Dwarves, Elves, Humans and Orcs - each with race-specific abilities
  • Dozens of unique spells to cast to help yourself and your allies or harm your enemies
  • Simple-to-use but powerful trading system in an entirely player-driven marketplace
  • Powerful alliance management system to help you build and sustain your empire with other players
  • Over 90 NPC factions - each with their own agendas.
  • Craft dozens of unique weapons and armor for your troops
I understand they have a major expansion in the works called "The Broken Lands" which looks amazing.
The user community is very friendly and more than willing to help a newbie which I found refreshing for this type of game.
The slow pace of the game makes it a good one to have running in the background while you are playing or doing other things and being a HTML5 game it runs on any PC/Tablet etc... This in itself got me hooked as I can play it one minute on my PC and next on my IPad or Phone.
Not one to be missed.
If you like these kind of games I would highly recommend it.
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