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PotBS players need to look up Entropy.

LahuzerLahuzer Member UncommonPosts: 774
Entropy is a game in alpha on Steam. It got me thinking bout PotBS with it's 2D map when you travel between different systems (open sea in PotBS), and then when you engage with pirates or PVP it goes into a nice looking 3D map. It has different factions, and I'm guessing down the line fights will take place over systems etc. It's still only in alpha, and lacks alot of features etc. But if you wanna be part of helping the DEVs developing the game (the DEVs are rly active on steam forums as well) then you should give it a shoot. just don't expect a fully developed game. It shows alot of promise, and I personally always wanted a game that mixed PotBS with EVE. Entropy could be it.
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