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My petition to MindArk

ShortyBibleShortyBible Member UncommonPosts: 409

Welcome to my thread.

This thread is not about the casino issue . Those of us that play this game and deposit are well aware of what we are doing.

 I play and enjoy this game . I also deposit  $100- $200 USD a month. So this is not a thread debating  the Casino issue.

The purpose of this thread is to discuss the risk/rewards pertaining to pirates.

Currently  there is little to no risk being a pirate. You buy a Quad Wing,  (less than 100 peds) and a gun and go rob other players of real cash.   (If this information entices/recruit new players to spend $10.00-$20.00 USD to rob other players in space, go for it )

My suggestion to MindArk is to add some type of player faction system .

Create  an astaroid/planet for outlaws, (this would be a FFA planet)

Outlaws can  land on all planets, but they would be subject to  kill on site , seeing that they are outlaws)

Why do I choose to post here?

All Entriopia forums seem to be dead. Their is not much participation in any of the forums. Many mindless players .


This game is far from dead.   Many players

 Registered /applied for 2 forums, still awaiting verification email.


Posted here, due to the fact that their official forums lack partipication





  • liumlium Member Posts: 138

    You make this sound so easy...

    1, no one is in space (if there is 5 players that fly around at same time I will be in shock)

    2, when you played EvE online no space game will attrack you, everything will feel doll

    3, you forget to tell that while you are in space you burn oïl and to shot players you need to buy (whith real money) ammo)

    4, you are wrong not only the forums is dead but Entropia falow they are loosing money 3 years now.

    I belive you post will and like every single one regarding Entropia universe on every gaming site >> Just ignored.

    No one will go pay real money for your silly game but nice try.

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