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General: This Week's Live Stream Schedule

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

This week's live stream schedule has been published to give you an opportunity to set your calendar and alarm to join our band of streamers for some of today's hottest MMOs. Check out the schedule and save the date!

Monday - 12/30

  • 3 pm EDT WildStarwith Kelethar

  • 9 pm EDT World of Warplanes with Wargaming Devs

Tuesday - 12/31

  • 11 am EDT The Secret World with Jim

  • 3 pm EDT WildStar with Chief

  • 10 pm EDT FFXIV:ARR with Intrinsc

Wednesday - 1/1

  • Happy New Year. 

Thursday - 1/2

  • 11 am EDT Lord of the Rings Online with Jim

  • 3 pm EDT FFXIV with Kelethar

  • 7 pm EDT WildStar with Chief 

Friday - 1/3

  • 3 pm EDT WildStarwith Kelethar

Saturday - 1/4

  • Different Streams on the team channels all day. 

Sunday - 1/5

  • 1 pm EDT Wizard101 with Chief



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