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[Interview] Trove: So Update. Much Fastness.



  • tom_goretom_gore Member UncommonPosts: 2,001
    What's the point of this game with EQN Landmark just around the corner?
  • DauntisDauntis Member UncommonPosts: 600
    What are you guys talking about? This game looks awesome and original... wait... oh... uhm nevermind, I didn't have my glasses on. Carry on the hate.

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  • Chi55Chi55 Member CommonPosts: 7
    It's not like minecraft. If you like what minecraft does that's what you should be playing IMHO, as Trove worlds will get destroyed after a while. You can build and retain your cornerstone but you cannot integrate it in the landscape, the game is more about exploration, dungeons, loot and combat at the moment. That said, I've been in for a while but I cannot judge it now, there's still a lot missing. The world cycling and quests, classes, more skills, etc. Just wait and see, it's going to be its own thing ;)
  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    Originally posted by Betaguy
    Agree with the rip off of Cube World!

    Except for the part where development is actually progressing at a pace where the game will come out of beta.


    And for the part where Cube World is a quest driven theme park style game and where Trove is essentially an open world sandbox.

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