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Sinister Savant [SinS] - Central & West Coast

CryptorCryptor Member UncommonPosts: 523

What are we about

We want Sinister Savant to be a small guild populated by a brotherhood of mmorpg gamers.  This is an adult oriented guild, though we will not have "age requirements" and all brothers are welcome.  Everyone in our guild has a say, everyone can start discussion on guild wide decisions and everyone can vote on them.  Cryptor, Uncle Nerdie, Slumlord, Petey and Indagda do have a veto on all guild votes to assure that this guild is headed in the right direction, one that we intended on from the very start.


What we expect

Above all have a good time, in and out of the game with your guild mates.  We are a tightly knit, but very welcoming and noob friendly brotherhood.  Be upfront, don't ever be afraid to speak up.  Always, but always put your guild members above loot and outsiders.  We do expect everyone in the guild to have the ability, during guild groups and raids to hear Mumble, it makes you die less.


Our History

We have been playing in the Gunbad guild exclusively since the launch of Warhammer Online.  On December 8th 2013 a group of five of us (Cryptor, Uncle Nerdie, Slumlord, Petey and Indagda) departed Gunbad and decided to start a new guild.  After few days of trying to figure things out Slumlord came up with our current name "Sinister Savant" and we all decided to use it.  We all decided to make GW2 our main game to start with and World of Tanks and Everquest 2 as our backup games.  And everyone lived happily ever after...or did they?


Time Zones

We are predominantly a Central & West Coast guild (but everyone is welcome) though most of the time we're just "zoned-out".



I am sorry to disappoint all gankers but we prefer to play on PvE servers in all mmorpgs :P


How we play

We try our darnest to (within what little time we have to play) experience everything that games have to offer, all content from start to finish.  If we have enough players online we will attempt to try raiding as well, how that's going to work out is a whole different story.


How to join

We do not want to make this process a chore by any means, but we do want to know few basic things about you. 

Step 1. First please register on our website http://www.sinistersavant.com

Step 2. Red [url=http://sinistersavant.com/index.php?topic=8.0]this very short post[/url].

Step 3. Make a post, as per the thread you just read [url=http://sinistersavant.com/index.php?board=5.0]right here[/url].



Guild Website http://sinistersavant.com/

Mumble http://mumble.sourceforge.net/


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