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[Poll] OK if not TSW, what's your favorite combat system?



  • VyntVynt Member UncommonPosts: 756
    Originally posted by BearKnight
    Originally posted by Ortwig

    Okay TSW combat haters, you've been pretty loud about what you dislike.   Now tell us what combat games you think are great. Vote below or add your own!

    if you are feeling talkative tell us why.




    Dark Age of Camelot


    Positional combat, with calculated detrimental effects that have chaining potential, and chained combat moves.


    Nothing else can compare to it. I miss DAOC soo much :(

    Also the reactionaries off of blocks, parries, evades, that went into the combos you mentioned. Loved that. Still my favorite. The only thing I didn't like in it was the strafing, so cumbersome, lol. Movement was just not smooth. Only reason I don't go back to daoc.

  • ThillianThillian Member UncommonPosts: 3,156
    Originally posted by Tholdornas
    Originally posted by Thillian
    Originally posted by Tholdornas
    Originally posted by Thillian
    Originally posted by Tholdornas


    Builder, builder, builder, builder, builder, finisher. Rinse and repeat, folks! Throw in the occasional cooldown and done is the typical solo build you'll use 80%+ of your game time in TSW.


    NOT TRUE, Simply not true.

    THIS is a build if you want to have a simple 5x builder consumer build, BUT not all builds are like that. Take Blood+Elementalism build for instance, Bloodshot (one of the most powerful consumers) needs only 2 resources, coupled with Fire Manifestation and Fireshot or Blaze and Cannibalism make your build very fluid and you gotta improvise a lot even during raid or group. You gotta adopt to the situation AND raid/group buffs and ADJUST your burn phase accordingly. 

    ITS your FAULT if you play your average elemental force build every day, there are TONS of builds which doesn't require you to fill up your resource pool to 5 and then use a consumer. AND I'm talking SOLELY about PVE.


    And if you really want to sell the choice of filling up the resource bar to anything lower than five before pressing my finisher as a redeeming factor and the best thing since sliced bread, sorry, it's not working.

    The progression is a deck-building game. The resource management is like mana-pool management in the magic:the gathering. The combat itself is extremely action based with lots of dodging and moving around. Different rotations are there tho if you dig deep into the system; not all have the patience to uncover it .I think TSW combat together with the character progression is the best in the genre and the reason number 1 why I continue to play the game with over 2000 in-game hours. What other games have better combat? I can see GW2 is among the top in this poll, how does it differ to TSW? GW2 system is just waiting for cooldowns while you spam number 1.

    I really don't want to talk bad about the whole deck-building or the depth it provides, I really don't. I like how the whole skill wheel is quite different form regular skill trees mostly because the wheel is freeform and you can learn what you want to learn.

    My issue with TSWs combat is the fact that all this complex and interesting deck building is resulting in such a comparably bad to mediocre actual fighting experience, where you may be happy that your build is working as estimated, but actually pulling off the build proves to be far less exciting than putting it together. And concerning the resources: I don't understand what stopped the devs from including different resource systems (e.g. mana-esque bars for the magics, bullet system for the guns, some sort of rage/ weapon momentum system for melee). This would make the actual combat so much more complex, I think.

    But maybe that's just me. 

    The combat is not twitch-based as most others; maybe partially is but to a much lower extent. Did you miss rage-building mechanic in Skyrim combat as well? TSW combat is a lot more action-based than most other systems. I dont think this game needs more or any other "resource management".


  • H0urg1assH0urg1ass Member EpicPosts: 2,380

    Age of Conan by leaps and bounds.  It's fluid, dynamic and you feel in control of every action your character is taking.

    I've never found another combat system more enjoyable, especially playing a Barbarian or a Bear Shaman.  It's so much fun running around attacking things with those two characters.

  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member EpicPosts: 4,520

    Mount and Blade Warband


    Continent of the ninth/ Vindictus/ Dragon Nest


    It doesn't work on every game but Secret World would have been awesome with a more fluid action combat.

  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Member UncommonPosts: 1,592
    Originally posted by Sameg3
    I don't mind TSW combat, I just don't really like the animations. I like the movement , or rather, the concept of it, but it feels clunky. 

    Same here. I have plenty of different builds with nifty rotations, but movement animations in this game are atrocious. Even the basic run is stiff. It looks like they have static animations for everything, with no alternate animations. Good examples of this are rolls and knock downs/backs. Always exactly the same.


    As for the thread subject, as far as MMORPGs go, City of Heroes always had my favorite combat system. Outside the genre...probably Smash Bros. or Ocarina of TIme style.


  • DKLondDKLond Member RarePosts: 2,273

    Overall, I'd have to say Age of Conan has the best combat system. If the game had been a smash, and they'd polished and tweaked it a bit - it would be utterly fantastic.

    WoW comes close, because it's the most reliable and responsive system I'm aware of - and it has the best combination of abilities and is probably the most tactical combat without pointless filler. PvP combat is beyond compare, at least to me.

    GW2 is a strong contender because of its fluidity and speed - but the limited arsenal takes it down quite a bit.


  • GrummusGrummus Member UncommonPosts: 136

    I'd lean towards Age of Conan's melee combat with a programmable mouse.


    One button should always equal one action, not five buttons for one action.


  • DeivosDeivos Member EpicPosts: 3,692

    Mount & Blade


    Asheron's Call

    Saga of Ryzom


    Each one of these has elements that are somewhat common, but also elements that stand as considerably more unique and interesting to me than what TSW or any other recent titles have offered.


    For example, people look to Age of Conan, where I would relate to Mount & Blade. A system that had directionally based combat taken to a rather detailed level, that spanned plenty of weapons and integrated with large scale action oriented conflict well. I find M&B to essentially be the parent design to the likes of AoC, which dumbed the concept down to fit the framework Funcom had designed.


    Same ultimately with TSW in contrast to proper shooters like Planetside 1 and 2, where in TSW half the equipment in the game feels crippled in performance to balance the limitations of the game's design and to not outstrip the value of the other weapons, PS offers a battlefront that spans land and sky with a healthy balance of back and forth between the footsoldiers and vehicular combat. On top of that you have the often touted skill system somewhat handily outstripped by the likes of Saga of Ryzom and Asheron's call, two games that let you have a high degree of customization, one going so far as to let you break down and create entirely new spells and abilities for you to use.


    I'm also rather fond of Kingdom Under Fire as it showed up initially for consoles. The ability to have a central avatar with somewhat action driven combat while also still directing a greater RTS battlefield in real time I felt was a great blend that added depth and variety to the play that is relatively unrivaled by more focused combat experiences.

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  • handlewithcarehandlewithcare Member Posts: 322

    a of the above,all combat systems are better than the secret worlds.

    the game looked AAA and the combat looked A-

  • IGaveUpIGaveUp Member Posts: 273

    Other: AOC (MMORPG), Classic Unreal (FPS)


  • GandoresGandores Member UncommonPosts: 55

    MMO : Age of Wushu

    Other : Mounts & Blades

  • ZhirocZhiroc Member UncommonPosts: 220
    While not an MMO, I'd have to say that the style of play I have found the most fun is Mass Effect. I like the idea of having to apply tactics to the fight--finding cover, and shooting out of said cover, then advancing up to the next cover point. I HATE the idea of a "tank". In ME, even the tankiest Shep can get taken down pretty quick if you just stand out in the open.
  • MirastaMirasta Member UncommonPosts: 13
    Still AoC because it´s the most realistic and definitely one of the fastest MMO gameplays.
  • whiteoak21whiteoak21 Member Posts: 16

    I think TSW combat system is good.

    but i think the skill wheel is too confusing or don't make sense.

    for exemple , i don't get why we can use 2h mace  + sword at the same time

    the skill wheel totally need some work



  • spookymiaspookymia Member UncommonPosts: 57
    I also find TSW combat ok, even enjoyable, but my favourite combat system would be SWTOR, I don't play the game though because I find the rest of it just terrible.
  • VaporsVapors Member UncommonPosts: 407
    AoC combat wins
  • MellowTiggerMellowTigger Member UncommonPosts: 84
    I voted Other.  I liked the combat/questing in DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online).  It was the massive instancing that led me to leave.  Deeply textured instances are an amazing feature for a game to have, but I also want cities and landscapes to simply go roam.
  • xxtriadxxxxtriadxx Member UncommonPosts: 155
    Originally posted by Quazal.A
    personally i like the AoC one, if only they had the money to beef up the speed / feel then it would simply be the best, the fact that to a point its intuitive and can make a difference in a close fight rocks in my house :)





    AOC combat is just pure fun.

  • AlturisAlturis Member Posts: 28
    I prefer Wildstar it places an element of skill into the true tab targeting and gives a more varied/active feel to combat.
  • redgang1redgang1 Member Posts: 35

    Favorite Combat:


    Does Chrono Trigger count? lol

  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 7,879
    Originally posted by zasten

    gw2 without the limits on the amount of dodging you can do would be my vote!

    After all, you don't see gymnasts pausing between spins and turns etc!!!



     You also dont see gymnysts fighting Orcs ,Trolls and Dragons .. 

  • sumdumguy1sumdumguy1 Member RarePosts: 1,365
    I  really liked TSW and Elder Scrolls.  Nothing was really horrible for me.  I will say recently Neverwinter and Wildstar have been the worst for me.
  • apocolusterapocoluster Member UncommonPosts: 1,326
      World of Tanks   :)

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  • GestankfaustGestankfaust Member UncommonPosts: 1,989
    lol..funny how "other" is winning

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  • TheutusTheutus Member UncommonPosts: 636
    Mount & Blade Warband
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