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Fifa Manager question

tazarconantazarconan Member Posts: 1,013

Truth be said i spended loads of hours burned with fifa manager 07few years ago . Its quite old in graficks terms compared to the latest ones of the series 11-12-13 etc but when we are speaking about 3d match it has by far the best gameplay if u enjoy watching games in 3d match mode. Every player is unique and reacts in a diferrent way than the other in all situations( not like tha latest series where all players react like they r the exact same robots) ,every tactic u create plays diferrent even if u just adjust a single player 's movement and has an impact to the whole game's evolvement duringa match etc etc

What i wanted to ask if anyone knows where the extra time expansion can be found on the net so i can get it,and also i cant find mods for it anymore after searching google config.big , gerrard's mod etc etc

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