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Farcry 3 Only $7.47 on steam..I think only today

delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,571

Steam is running a sale of Farcry 3 for $7.47.

  I downloaded it before I went to bed and installed it this morning, I hope it's close to as good a Skyrum.


  • rendusrendus Member UncommonPosts: 329

    From an open world sandbox standpoint Farcry 3 is great until you clear all the enemy outposts and climb all the radio towers, and then there's nothing to do.    I have hundreds of hours of playtime on my first playthrough of Skyrim and I recently started another character and I've already put almost 200 hours into that one.  In contrast I finished Farcry 3 in a week.

    Having said that, it was a blast and a no brainer for $7.47!

  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,571

    This deal ends around 1 pm EST,

    Anyway, so far I'm loving it !...It's on rails for about the first hour and then it opens up, With all the tooltips it feels a little overwealming.  For the first few hours and you get the feeling you may miss something important, but even if you do you could rest easy as you can re figure everything out easily over again.

    very immersive, and smart UI, If you get spotted the bandits will hunt for you, and so far it seems as if you really have to run somewhat far for them to forget about you.

    Dislikes so far :

    Saving sucks.

    When I die, I'm not sure where I will respawn and what I lost, however im new.

    At times when going into the menu, my mouse will not allow me to move my curser to the right half of the menu screen, ( unplugging ) does not help, I have to re start the game. ( this could be my computer )



    Just a few hours in, and so far it's a lot of fun and immersive !.....I'll keep you posted.

  • mCalvertmCalvert Member CommonPosts: 1,283
    Horrible game. Bought it on sale, played a couple hours and quit. Don't buy any of these not made by Crytek.
  • HulluckHulluck Member UncommonPosts: 830

    Could be spoiler light in the first paragraph. I talk very broadly about a certain aspect of the story.


    The story is not told very well. What all's going on ect. One broad aspect of it was obvious. Another really isn't explained all that well. I don't know if i should go in depth or not. I picked it up during that sale and just finished. Was thinking voodoo or whatever. The main villain fights left me puzzled. Kept expecting those to be explained clearly. Especially why everything was like it was after the fight.  I get it now but it really wasn't that obvious even after the ending.  

    Game has a lot of quirks.  Just odd stuff that pops up.  Like the fuzziness when exiting a cave sometimes never cleared up. Save and reload would fix it.  Or after alt tabbing it auto adjusts to borderless, switching it back to fullscreen would make things like the mini map oval or extremely small and would need to save and load to fix it.

    The sights on the mounted gun on Hurk's boat didn't line up correctly. Like Jason wasn't looking straight down the barrel, which the char was. No reason for it to have been cocked off to one side of the other.  Only noticed this once on Hurk's boat.  I didn't play with turrets a lot so not sure how common of an issue it was.

    Ending was blah.  ME 3's ending was far better in the sense that it got a reaction out of me. Far Cry 3's was "meh.. whatever.."  Actually I didn't even think that.  I guess it was more like why would I choose the other option.  Although the girlfriend annoyed me.  Her character lines and the acting were so bad.   First half of the story wasn't bad. Vaas was a good villain.  It kind of crapped out after that..

    Edit: Thinking about it. How bad the girlfriend character was could have actually made me not get the part that I said wasn't explained well. Maybe back story would have helped? Instead of just putting a emo female char on screen that's sobbing / complaining constantly.

  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,571

    I'm about half way and still love this game.

    Like Skyrim its an open world to do anything.  It does have a story line to follow and I think the story so far falls in nice. I'm not crazy about cut videos in games and that's why Tomb Raider only lasted about a week, and yes Farcry 3 has them but their not too bad.  Other than that the game is open for 80% of what you do.

    I think my favorite part of this game is taking Outpost....It's most what keeps me playing and I'm always looking fwd to the next.  As you play, like every other game you unlock more and better weapons, yet each outpost gets harder.  From reading and watching Youtubes, It seems as a major objective is to try to knife everyone.  This is how I try and play, weapons are only when things go bad.

    The key for me is plan :

    I like to take my time scouting. There is no stealth but sneak. I'll spend about 20 min circling an outpost taking snapshots ( marking targets ) finding exits and places to hide. Each outpost has at least one alarm that should be deactivated. You have a choice to shoot them with the sniper rifle or go in and manual disarm. But if you shoot them you have to shoot all, where you only have to manual disarm one. In some cases this could be hard as they are guarded by several guards. This is were throwing rocks come into play, Rocks are your best friend if you plan to knife everyone.  Also don't forget to plant C4. This can be used for both distractions when going for alarms or for setting up escape paths, killing bad guys as they follow.  

    Bows and sniper rifles are your friend too. The AI in this game is the best I've ever seen. If you plan on silent long range kills you need have to wait for separation or throw rocks to distract.

    You have many types bad guys, Snipers and Heavies are the hardest, each have to be treated different. Part of the planning is to take things out in order. And lets not forget that its best to drag bodies away as this will alert others.


    One thing I don't like is when an outpost gets attacked by a Tiger or Bear in the middle of my planning or execution. A Tiger at times will randomly show up and kill off the entire outpost leaving you with nothing to do.....I really hate that !....So Ill just have to replay the Outpost, as every replay is different.


    So yes I love this game !  

  • ViperDragonViperDragon Member UncommonPosts: 101
    Hard to beat Skyrim, but Farcry 3 comes close.  I'm around 80 hours in now, if I remember rightly, and there's so much left to do,  Skyrim beats it basically because, when you've completed the main storyline, you still have so many things you can do; Skyrim never really has to end.  As far as replay value goes: I'd say both are pretty equal, and perhaps Farcry 3 even has a better storyline.

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  • VolgoreVolgore Member EpicPosts: 3,872

    Good price, but i wouldnt recommend to pay much more.

    I found the story not tooooo good and if you're not in for the main plot, it soon comes down to collecting plants, hunting a certain animal or attacking bandit camps over and over again.

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