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The Secret World's 2013 winter event, A Mother of a Season, has started

This year's winter event for The Secret World, called A Mother of a Season, has started.


The Holiday Devil Krampus, normally only seen on December 6th, the Krampusnacht, is taking a longer visit this year in the mundane world. As the creature bringing poor presents for the naughty children is terrorizing the secret world, the portal it uses to travel between worlds is open both ways, giving players the chance to visit Krampus's home realm Niflheim. Unfortunately, Niflheim is also the home of the two faced viking goddess Hel. Nuff said, the lady of the realm isn't really that keen on uninvited guests loitering on her property.


If Krampus and his kin wouldn't be enough for this winter, the End of Days event from last winter is also making a return. If you played The Secret World last year, you might remember that the event had some minor annoyances in the form of ever spawning mayan mummy armies. Don't fear, this year the mummies are only a bad memory. Funcom has listened to the community, and the most annoying parts of the event, namely the aforementioned endless mayan hordes, are gone.

With End of Days, the three world bosses, Harbringers of Nameless Days, are coming back, this time as Vestiges of Nameless Days. Killing the world bosses nets some unique pets, among them a new rune covered black ak'ab hatchling pet.


Both of the events will last until January 2nd.


If you are still looking for getting the game, there's a sale on both Steam and Amazon, where the game is 50% off. 


There's a fine guide for the event on the official forums, collected by the community and put together by the awesome SuvideoQingliSu. It's a sticky in the general section of the game's official forums called "Krampus event FAQ (SPOILERS!)".

As a shameless self ad, my own site This way to the Hollow Earth has also an event guide available for the winter event, as well as one for the last year's End of Days event.




The system flagged this as a spam, so there are no links. Google the sites and sales or something if you wish. 

But do visit The Secret World during the winter event, as it's a very nice event with a fantastic story. Like you could expect anything less from The Secret World than a fantastic story.

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