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[Hibernia Guild] The Order of Chaos is recruiting New and Returning Players!

SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484

Hi all,

The Order of Chaos are recruiting new and returning players to the guild. We are one of the most helpful, fun and friendly guilds on Hibernia and have a fantastic alliance called 'Regulators'. The guild is active in both EU and US primetime and run events such as Master level 10, Prince Mini's and Big 3, Picts xp, glass, scale groups, 8man rvr, public/alliance rvr zergs and many more.

The Order of Chaos don't just do events but they also help new and returning players on classes, specs, and templates. This can been found on our web site which has a lot of resources that can help.

If you wish to join us then please apply on or find a Order of Chaos member by doing /who The Order of Chaos and you will be directed straight to an officer who is online that can invite.

If any problems or questions then please let me know.

Guild Master of T.O.O.C

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