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A New and Unique Guild -- The Grey Tiger Tong

ZolrinZolrin Member Posts: 1
The Grey Tiger Tong (Horde)/The Gray Tiger Tong (Alliance)
[Earthen Ring server]
Horde Leaders: Zolrin, Viahnu
Alliance Leaders: TaiJiang, Beryc
Website: (go here for the application form)

Serious RPers. Rogues, warriors & hunters level 20 and below only.
In the back alleys and darkened corners of taverns, there are whispers of a vast, shadowy syndicate that deals in assassinations, smuggling, security, and other illicit activities. More than one has heard stories of Alliance weapons being sold to wealthy Orcs and Trolls … for the right price.

Though the origin of the organization, like the group itself, is shrouded in secrecy, some who make their living at night who might know better than others suggest that the Pan-Azeroth Trade Company, a respected Goblin-run business based in Gadgetzan, is nothing more than a front for the Grey Tiger Tong. The Company has long denied such rumors, as well as the Company’s involvement in profiteering on the Wars.

The Tong itself is rumored to have originally been an elite security force hired by Pan-Azeroth Trade Company to protect its assets and carry out some of the more legally-questionable business tactics. Over time, the security force, driven by the need for secrecy and loyalty, developed into a full-fledged Tong – ultimately becoming independent of the Company. Despite this split, the Tong is rumored to still be intimately associated with Company business – hired by the Goblins to conduct the less savory parts of their business.

The Tong is said to be a collection of rogues, warriors and hunters, though none can be sure since its members are so secretive. Though members are thought to have no loyalties beyond their guild, it is also whispered that they honor their contracts as if they were blood oaths.


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