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9Dragons Shutdown

kenon76kenon76 Member Posts: 7

This game is a very annoying.. to get a gold & high end items is very hard. i have to play 24/7, at last i got nearly 6 billion gold and high end items. Happy for a short time,then THE SERVER CLOSED. 

Now they have 9Dragons again, WHAT A STUPID GM & THE TEAM. if any Team members or stupid GM see this. i have message for you " ARE YOU HAPPY TO MAKE PEOPLE SUFFER ".




  • BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353

    Dude, you seriously played this grinder until you got 6 billion gold? How much of a life do you have? It's a horrible grinder, you have like 3 combos/skills and get like .01 exp per kill around level 50 which boosts up to .10 if you're in a half-full group....and the levels are past 100!!!! The monsters are almost all the same, the quests are boring and very limited once you get around level 50. I can't believe game companies keep buying the license to this game and putting it back online when pretty much everybody that plays it hates it with a passion.


    LET IT DIE ALREADY!!!! This genre of MMO should've died a long time ago. 

    Oh and a tip to people: If you have to play a game 24/7 just to feel like you're somebody, it's not worth it.

  • NeoCroX997NeoCroX997 Member UncommonPosts: 28

    Well now you can get 6 millions more because now it´s alive again!, Well subagames took over> CB state. Still fun old game, good gameplay grindy yes but best kungfu animations animations I´ve ever seen in these kind of games.

    xD Give it a second chance!

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