Interested in this game but its progression slow?

This game looks cool but will I be able to make max level in a few months? because I'm sick of games like that. Is this an old school game with really slow progression and cool crafting?





  • LithuanianLithuanian Member UncommonPosts: 330

    It's not easy to tell about "max level in few months". Just because of multi-classing: you finish class A, then you may start class B, then class C... If you mean only one class - I think, it's possible. There would always be higher levels ready to power-level you. There are trophie hunters ready to exchange some drop stuff into xp and coins.

    Crafting - I really enjoy it. You can multiclass there, some classes intertwin and you may need some good hunt to get those drop-only rare components or crystals that enhnace your weapon or tool. You also get crafting xp for contributing to other players' buildings: so you get xp for crafting, say, slate bricks and get xp for adding them to building (some players would add coins reward for that). You may craft weapons/tools and add some statistic for them (like +10 strenght). Economy is entirely player-driven, no cash shop with Ultra-Shiny Armour of Hydralisk for just 29.99$. I know players that have maxed all available classes - combat and crafting.

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