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Acolytes [NA/EU/AUS] | PvX/Crafting | Daggerfall Covenant



  • HigherfewerHigherfewer Member Posts: 4



    If you are getting that message, it usually means you are already an Acolyte! So just go ahead and start posting :)

    And if so, let me be the first to say Welcome back! If not, try PMing Ryan or Hieru within the Aco Forums. I look forward to seeing you around


    Oh, and we are on the tamriel foundry list ;)


  • PigglesworthPigglesworth Member UncommonPosts: 260
    Ah, found you in the guild recruitment forums, but apparently I do not see that you have an actual formed guild in the guild listing app under Community. That tool is great for recruitment because people see you when they do the basic searches.

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  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314

    @Piggles - post count isn't high enough to add us to their guild database yet lol.  They require you to have I think 25 posts or something like that.  Working on it. :)


    Everyone should head to our site and check out our latest contest for the community with cash prizes and give aways!  It is a good time to be an Acolyte!


  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314

    Welcome to even more recruits that we have picked up!!


    Also, if you are looking to kill some time until ESO launches we have started up a Rust group with server.  Check out our forums for more details!

  • PGrimmPGrimm Member UncommonPosts: 40

    I want to join...  

    I am 42  and  have played them all.  I just want a group to do stuff with and and have it matter, for as much as you can in a game.   I have been a guild leader,  and officer, member etc etc,  I have learned  I much rather  just be a mentor :)  and enjoy my game with no bs drama.


    Anyways  will  look you guys up


  • JWillCHSJWillCHS Member UncommonPosts: 75
    Other than the Dragonborn theme being used, looks fairly interesting.
  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314
    Originally posted by PGrimm

    I want to join...  

    I am 42  and  have played them all.  I just want a group to do stuff with and and have it matter, for as much as you can in a game.   I have been a guild leader,  and officer, member etc etc,  I have learned  I much rather  just be a mentor :)  and enjoy my game with no bs drama.


    Anyways  will  look you guys up



    Awesome Paul!  You sound like you would fit in quite well here.  We have people that are casual to people that are hardest of the hardcore and we always put forth a sustaining presence in the games we support.  We take pride in offering whatever end game options are available for people to enjoy and partake in.

  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314
    How about ESO getting a M rating today?? They might as well embrace it and add in some decapitations or something! :)
  • HigherfewerHigherfewer Member Posts: 4
    All right Acos, our forces continue to grow! Welcome to all the new recruits


  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314
    Welcome even more recruits!  Head on over to our site and see what all is going on!  We also have a Rust server up, lots of people in EQNL Alpha, plenty of stuff to do with Acolytes to kill time until launch.
  • GillleanGilllean Member Posts: 169

    So you guys are EU  OR NA   OR AUS   guild on what server you will play .   NA    EU are 2 big mega server  .

    SO EU OR NA? Oh nvm you're Daggerfall   (

  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314
    If you haven't already, come check us out at our site. We have 35 new applicants to build on our existing core for ESO. Be part of something that will make a difference in the game!
  • TalketzantoTalketzanto Member UncommonPosts: 205
    Add Talketzanto to the ranks....Back for some pvp baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haroooooo
  • AlgumcorpoAlgumcorpo Member Posts: 1

    I ran into acolytes from my days on AOC seemed like a good bunch

    maybe our paths will cross once more ;)



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  • FlopsyAcolytesFlopsyAcolytes Member Posts: 9
    I joined the Acolytes for Guild wars 2 and have loved every second of it. Great group of people that like to have fun and work together to get things done. Come join us in Cyrodil and let the good times roll!
  • KilthornKilthorn Member Posts: 3

    I joined the Acolytes a couple years ago looking for a guild for GW2, and I really had no idea at the time that I had struck gold. What the Acolytes offer is unlike any other guild I’d ever been in before, it was like finding another family…only online. The group of people here are true characters, an unlikely band of individuals bound by a common bond, the Acolytes guild. The community here is beyond words can describe when I compare it to any other guild in my gaming history. Our presence spans multiple games, forges friendships that transverse the boundaries of the internet, and not to mention the fact that we’re pretty darn good at gaming…and drinking beer (I prefer whiskey).

    When it comes to The Elder Scrolls Online, our chapter is really ramping up in preparation for launch. Our membership base is extremely enthusiastic and excited about really making a presence in Tamriel. We’ll be coming out of the gates hard at launch, and would love to share that experience with more of you. Our ranks are blossoming with new recruits every day, and we’re looking for more folks to call the Acolytes their home. If you’re looking for a true gaming community that has more to offer than just a place to log in and look at a guild roster, then look no further. Come over and introduce yourself, your new home awaits.


  • ACODolniACODolni Member Posts: 13

    I joined the Acolytes in 2009 and I have never looked back. This guild has reinvented the gaming community.

    I recommend everyone to try them out.

  • DerivativeDerivative Member UncommonPosts: 85
    I just joined earlier today and people on the forums could not be more welcoming, and there is a lot of traffic there. So I can only assume this will be a very active chapter of Acolytes!
  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314
    We have eclipsed 50 new applying members for our ESO Chapter. Come get in on the fun with only 6 weeks left until launch!!
  • FlopsyAcolytesFlopsyAcolytes Member Posts: 9
    Got a few more members join us from the MMORPG group, just wanted to say welcome and we are still looking for more to join our community!
  • MMO-RelicMMO-Relic Member UncommonPosts: 81
    Just joined myself and am already impressed with this group. :)

    Acolytes Gaming (

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  • PerjurePerjure Member UncommonPosts: 250

    If you are looking for a superbly managed Guild and a great bunch of members I highly recommend you stop by the site and say hello!


  • Stuka1000Stuka1000 Member UncommonPosts: 955

    Joined the Acolytes a few days ago.  Great people and a very well run and organised guild.  So if the Dark Elves and their cronies / slaves are a little too slimey and the tree huggers too hippy come join us and kick their collective arses.  For the Covenant.

  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314
    We have had some great new recruits come through from here from various parts of the world. Come make your mark in Cyrodiil!!
  • KilthornKilthorn Member Posts: 3
    Looking at a calendar, launch is rapidly approaching.

    Have you found your guild home yet?

    The Acolytes await.

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