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Poll - What if Vanguard actually released properly in 2014 - would you play it?



  • OP, I'm playing it now. I think more people should try it out if they haven't. All the mmorpg players on this site that want a rich open world with content you can literally just stumble across are missing out. The game has depth. Don't ask what I mean by depth - if you have to ask you wouldn't understand, most likely. 

    I'm especially addicted to the crafting in this game. I haven't done crafting in any other game, so it's saying something. There are crafting quest lines that go on for about 10 levels and take you across the game world. It's really not a grind, especially if you read and pay attention to the NPCs you're crafting for. Sometimes, you have to read what they say or you won't know what to do.

    There are multiple dungeons for all levels. You won't get the same gear from different dungeons. There are PHs for rare spawn enemies. There are rare drops off of bosses. There are gear set quest lines - even before level 20. The faction system is great. You pretty much start off on neutral terms with every one but what you do through the game determines what cities you can go to later on. You can attack anything you can target. 

    I played at launch and it was unplayable in some aspects. It had a rocky start. Right now though, it is the best out there. There are still a few minor annoyances but if you let those bother you then you probably shouldn't play mmorpgs.

  • g0m0rrahg0m0rrah Member UncommonPosts: 325
    Originally posted by Margulis
    Originally posted by Quirhid
    Originally posted by Margulis
    Originally posted by Quirhid
    No. It was rather uninspired. A stereotypical MMORPG. Nothing that stands out. Made no improvements to the genre.

    Yeah the crafting depth, diplomacy, fishing complexity, ship building, full world without instancing etc - nothing new had all been done before definitely.  See that all the time.  Now what game would you say has stood out and made improvements to the genre, and is not stereotypical again?

    Crafting was annoying minigame grind. It should give you a hint when they took measures against scripts/bots with the UI. It is boring as hell! Diplomacy was a lack-luster cardgame. Fishing was fishing i.e. boring. You didn't use the ships you built for anything - that is, I saw no-one doing anything worthwhile with them. People just built them and just played around ... And a "full world" without instancing is not an improvement. The world was filled with bland quests, grind and suffered from a chronic case of the "static world syndrome". I was bored to tears within 3 weeks.

    Its not enough that you have crafting, or diplomacy, or fishing, or ship building. Games are not a feature list pissing contest. It actually matters how those things are implemented.

    Like I said, nothing in the game stood out. It had the same sort of bloated number of classes and races games before did. It used a hotkey + hard trinity combat like 95% of all MMORPGs out there. It had mounts but no mounted combat. It had ships but I didn't see any ship combat.

    Sorry, but I don't see what the fuzz is all about. I don't like generic MMORPGs.

    Still waiting for your examples of games that you're playing that match the criteria that you are knocking Vanguard for not living up to.

     Isnt the purpose of this thread to say if we would or wouldnt play vanguard and why.  He said his whys and you obviously do not agree with them, which is fine, but why complain about it.

     Personally i didnt and usually dont enjoy crafting.  The diplomacy system I thought was some sort of joke when I first noticed it.  Fishing doesnt appeal to me in real life nor in this game.  If it was some sort of survival game and I had to hunt and fish for sustenance than  I would understand fishing and crafting but for the most part they are some sort of novelty or mini game in most mmorpgs.

      The most important thing for me in an MMORPG is character customization.  I want to create a look for my character, a back story, then create it in the game.  I want the character to fight the way I choose it to fight.  The class system in this game is the most static system it could be.  I have the same problems with EQ2, which does have some ways to mold your character but they turned attributes into a generic nothing matters mess. 

      Why not have a strength focused warrior.  Why not have an agility focused warrior, nope thats not allowed.  Why not go dual wield or maybe a two handed hammer.  Can I choose between which skills I want. Nope, here is your skills and this is how it is, no choices for you.  I dont understand the point of a role playing game when most of my role is chosen for me.

      I mean honestly, if the diplomacy system, crafting, fishing, and all the other things that you believe Vanguard does so well, if it was what people were looking for, this game wouldnt be in the state it is.

  • AshluraAshlura Member UncommonPosts: 125

    How about a Vanguard II with everything they have currently with updated World PvP and graphics....?


    Id play it. I never return to a game once I leave though.



    companies need to give up the "Release the game and use those sales to continue the development of the game" attitude. Releasing an unfinished game is the death of games.

  • TalemireTalemire Member UncommonPosts: 812
    If they brought Varking (Team PvP) back, abso-freaking-lutely.
    Isaiah 41:10
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