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Network Issues being ignored!

BearKnightBearKnight Member CommonPosts: 461

So lately I decided to give STO a look-back and see what its up to lately.


I decided to try the new Romulan faction to see what it's all about, but I was very disappointed in the fact that it isn't a true 3rd faction like they are in the STO universe that we know of. It's essentially just a new look and ship-type for both Fed or Klingons. You choose one or the other as your "Ally" and then fight the other side in PVP games etc. You don't get to do 3-way fights, so that's disappointing :(.


Though, it's not like it matters, the Romulan missions are BUGGY as all creation. Click on a door to enter it in a mission, get stuck in a wall. Zone into a new mission, get stuck in the ceiling (yea, really!). Objects/enemies/new shiptypes not showing up. Enemy shuttle-craft don't show up with tags so they're invisible little buggers who come out of no-where during shuttle-type missions and womp you going "dubayuteaeff?!".



All of the buggy crap aside, the main issue right now is a zoning issue between missions, sector space, and areas where you will either go through just fine or randomly get DC'ed to character select. It apparently has to do with the way Cryptic's zoning server works, and how it handles traffic between areas. If your connection is only SLIGHTLY off (ie: 90% of the internet connections in the world) you have a chance of getting booted to character select. Most games understand some slight packet loss or ping timeouts along a connection path between them and a player so that's why it doesn't happen in any other game that I've tried or played.


However, Cryptic is adamant that it isn't their fault and that their playerbase should be providing pingtests and traceroutes proving it is their customer's connections that are the problem.


The issue with that is that if MOST of your playerbase is having this issue then it isn't your customer, its you. Not to mention that my traceroute and pingtest was no different than someone else who luckily doesn't have this issue. They just live in a different part of the US and have a different provider (this player also lives right off a backbone in Texas, lol). So even after all that they're still saying i should have a "Talk" with my provider. 

It doesn't happen in ANY other game but this one.

Also,  it doesn't happen during normal gameplay....ONLY when I zone. Hunting around the net it seems this is a widespread issue, and Cryptic are just trying to sweep it under the rug :(.


I think today I've been DC'ed to login screen about 6 times in the past hour trying to traverse across STO. That's very frustrating :(!


Oh, and don't get me started on the fact that one of the devs is ignoring a cosmetic issue where kits and armor doesn't show up on the new Romulan faction characters (kind of a big deal), but that's another issue entirely. (Apparently, for months now, lol)

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