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Subscription = Scam

darkheartsdarkhearts Member UncommonPosts: 155

The subscription in this game is a scam as of right now. This is a warning to anyone who wants to buy it. Game is fun don't get me wrong. But the sub for this game is not fully telling the truth on bonuses you'll "receive".


1: Daily lucky for fishing and mining = $$ still not free because a sub
2: Extra energy purchases = real money too not ingame
3: Bonus xp/$  I can't tell if its working. Maybe add a buff so at least I can see it?

There might be more that I'm missing but that's a small list. The ability to sell/store items anywhere is nice. But a lot of the features are hidden behind "oh and it costs EVEN more money".


To upgrade subscription to higher tier  you'll have to spend $200 or login 100 days. I believe those login days only work for the time you're sub but I can't confirm that one.


  • HarikenHariken Member EpicPosts: 2,602
    This whole game is a scam now. Its all about getting as much money out of you as they can. The so called new and improved game is a joke to most players. So many complaints on the boards now.  I hate how dungeons are public now. Its so annoying that you can't do you own dungeon anymore. They have an auto feature where you don't even have to play the game. I had high hopes that they would turn this game around but its worse now.
  • AlamarethAlamareth Member UncommonPosts: 570

    Yes, the subscription description and benefits is very weak.  However, I don't regret spending $10 to support a game I enjoy playing.

    That said, I don't think the game is a total money grab.  Yes, you can pay for pretty much anything.  Yes, you can buy power (see: Sinius).  However, as a player who has spent a total of $10 I've made 1.5k Electrum off of selling items.  I'm on the cusp of being a top 10 player in several categories.

    All on $10.

  • SpellforgedSpellforged Member UncommonPosts: 458

    City of Steam actually had potential at one point.  They've just made the game worse with every update since Beta.  I won't even touch the game in its current state.

    Just go play Drakensang Online or something if you want a browser game.  At least Bigpoint games aren't as Pay to Win.  lol

  • 43%burnt43%burnt Member UncommonPosts: 162

    Thing is: Why would you even subscribe or pay money for this "game". There isn't much to do. 90% of the game are "get on your mount and drive in circles while your merc kills everything".  And if that wasn't tedious enough you are supposed to run certain dungeons 5+ times. The same bloody thing, where you just ignore everything, run/drive to the boss and kill it.


    It's a cashgrabbing bore of a grindfest. "It runs in a browser" is no excuse for a horrible game.

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