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Charity steam on twich

Quazal.AQuazal.A Member UncommonPosts: 859

Has details but a quick comment or 2 from the site.


They aim to collect as much as possible for charities such as red-cross and typhoon in phillipines etc.


Below is a rough guide of what will be happening on the live feed




  • Intro
  • Wax the number "50" into CCP Dolan's chest
  • Dev interview AMA
  • Danger game
  • CCP Explorer vs CCP Heimdall
  • Danger game continues
  • Interview with Red Cross personnel
  • Announce AMA
  • Shave CCP Gargant's head
  • Developer cook off
  • Dev interview AMA
  • Vote for a second giant boxing fight – Further information to be announced on stream
  • Lesson with UFC fighter Gunnar Nelson
  • CCP Guard fights a Tae Kwon Do medalist
  • Honorable mention of community pledges
  • CCP Bro sings with the serenading streamer Moopoop
  • Dev roam
  • Dev interview AMA
  • Icelandic sampler – Traditional Icelandic food tasted by everyone
  • Vote for a third giant boxing fight – Further information to be announced on stream
  • Charity auction – Items to be announced on stream
  • Shoot CCP Dolan with paintballs.
  • Developer DUST match


Even before the event has started roughly 4000 plex has been collected - this collates to roughly £60,000 not bad going, of course any OOG donations can be made directly on the twitch feed thats starts at 1300 UTC

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