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[Epiphany] Bounties / Rifts / RoS

RasereiRaserei Member UncommonPosts: 1,114

Original Post: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10787818958 

I just thought about Diablo III and Diablo II while at work today and then I thought about RoS and the changes it brings.

Here is what I came up with:

-----------------------------[Part 1: Bounties]----------------------------- 
1.) The current iteration of bounties defeats the purpose of having an open sandbox world that is Adventure Mode. (Diablo II was also a sandbox like this)

When you enter a game, you receive a number of bounties in every Act. Immediately, your first reaction will be to do these bounties. When complete, your second reaction will be to remake the game and do the next set of bounties.

Where does the open sandbox come in? 
2.) Instead of getting bounties when you enter the game, monsters should drop "Bounty Scrolls" at a rate in which you can determine. This immediately keeps the awesome bounty system that you have all while making the sandbox valuable again.

What Diablo needs right now is creative innovative iterations of gameplay, loot systems, and end-game. It is right in front of us, the hard part is discovering what that special something will be. Like a pot of stew, tons of yummy ingredients melded together in a cohesive treat everyone enjoys. 
3.) If the above was true, the game becomes more open for new things instead of pigeon holing the player into one thing (Bounties).

What now? 
Easy Answer: Depth 
[Depth Layer #1:] Bounty Scrolls can drop from monsters in different varieties. White, Blue, Yellow, and Orange. (The reward increases with each rarity of Bounty Scroll.)

[Depth Layer #2] Remember the Alcarnus "Bonus" mission to unlock prisoners? What did the Bonus do? Well, let's take that and iterate it into bounty quests!

Bounties can spawn with "Bonus" objectives that aren't in the same zone AND are timed. Let's say you have a quest to kill 100 monsters in the Oasis plus the boss. The bonus mission can be something like: Kill Diablo! or Kill 1 Treasure Goblin! or Open a Resplendent Chest! or Kill Azmodan! 

Rewards can be random... Such as greater caches, lesser caches, rift shards, ect...

-----------------------------[Part 2: Rifts]----------------------------- 
[Depth Layer #3] Rifts! The current question is, why should I do a rift? This was briefly answered by adding a "Greater Cache" to the end. That is fine, but probably not the "end all" solution. 

Since Rifts are only obtainable by finding tokens to open a Rift, this leaves a huge opportunity to make exclusive items for Rifts and you have full control over how rare Rift tokens are. In the current iteration, I think it is too easy to get a rift open and the current rift concept is just a hyped up dungeon with a greater cache at the end. Let's hit it with the depth hammer! 
Rifts should feel fun and rewarding and most of all, challenging! 

-Make Rift portals a little more rare than what they are now. 
-Opening a Rift should seriously feel awesome for the player!

Rifts should feel exclusive and unique so here is what I got so far:

1.) Rifts should always be numerous floors deep! Minimum: 5 Maximum: 10 
2.) Rift levels should have "Categories" 

a.) Arena - Waves of monsters spawn with increasing difficulty. Next floor unlocks if you don't die.
b.) Boss - Large Boss room with traps and monsters spawning while fighting the boss.
c.) Crawl - Classical large dungeon with your typical hack and slash hallways, treasure goblins, resplendent chests, ect...
d.) Bonus (rare) : Bonus levels contain numerous resplendent chests and treasure goblins!

Remember, it's all about layered content with depth! 
What's next!? 
Another layer! 
-----------------------------[Part 3: End-Game]----------------------------- 
The goal is to have the stew we were talking about earlier. Lots of tasty ingredients that meld together! So far we have the new bounties that drop as a scroll with increasing rarities which determine the reward, a more rare Rift system, and a large sandbox world with five Acts! The one thing that is left is the "Meta" or "End-Game Activity". The thing that you strive for while playing the ultimate game! In Diablo II, we had organs and portals which was brought to Diablo III in a similar fashion!

Why not re-use, re-tune, and add slightly more to stuff already in the pipeline!? [ ***Infernal Machines*** ] 
We already have 3 levels associated with cool boss fights and we just received a new Act with even more bosses! 

- Iterate keys into the game but not in the same way you did with Keywardens. Why not!? Content like that has that pigeon hole feel to it. It is better to have multiple ways to obtain things while naturally playing the game rather than having one thing that drops one item. Perfect example would be what I said above about Bounties. The current iteration makes us feel like the sandbox world isn't there or the old NV / Keywarden system which made us feel like we needed 5 stacks and a keywarden kill before we created a new game.

- Keys should have a very rare chance of dropping from a Greater Cache. 
- Keys should be able to drop from champions and act bosses. Again, very rare. (Unaffected by MF)
- Keys should have a slightly increased chance of dropping in Rifts. (Making Rifts exclusive but remember we reduced the frequency we can do rifts by making the portals more rare)

The goal is to make the game one huge sandbox where you can play it anyway you want but you can find everything without having "One boss".

What about the new uber level rewards? 
I think having one item slot as the uber reward is a mistake. It literally turns that item slot into a "must have" of one item OR it forces you to make the exclusive item less valuable.

[Brainstorming Rewards] 
- New Item slot that is exclusive to "end-game". This will apply to present end-game and future end-game so no item slot is "taken up" and devalued. 

-Since the item is exclusive and has it's own item slot, it doesn't necessarily have to be insanely powerful. Instead, it can be decent but have some kind of exclusive effect that makes you feel like you accomplished something obtaining it. Such as what the hellfire ring did with the bonus XP. So possibly add an XP bonus to it and some type of cosmetic effect. (Right click it and make hellfire rain down with a 10-minute cooldown)

- Rewards should also include gold, large amounts of XP, lesser/greater caches, ect...

Please read this entire post. It is long but well worth the read. The overall goal was to show with a few changes with the current game that is in front of us in beta, we can seriously be looking at a large sandbox world with a lot of content that is worth slaying millions of demons for! The main focus being "sandbox". Not being forced to do anything rather choose your own path within the five Acts and see where your adventure takes you! One of the biggest gripes was how bounties are currently iterated.

Thank you for your time and many years of wonderful gaming Blizzard!


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