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Worth playing for the first time?

HolophonistHolophonist Member UncommonPosts: 2,091
I've been kicking around the idea of giving this game a real shot. Friends of mine have spoken very highly of it, and I trust their opinions. However they haven't played the game in years so it's hard to gauge what the current state of the game is like. I've heard that it's currently just a sprint to the end game; is this true? I'd really like to play the game and enjoy the journey, not just grind through so I can get to whatever content there is at the end. Is that still a viable and enjoyable way of playing the game? Or has the game been plagued with detrimental expansions/changes like so many oldschool games have in the past?


  • Vunak23Vunak23 Member UncommonPosts: 633

    The game definitely isn't what is used to be. It could still be worth of shot, but its really just a shell of its former self. SE ruined the game when Abyssea released and made it into a seriously easy-mode game that didn't take very much effort. 

    FFXI was a game about the journey and making friends/community building. That aspect of the game is pretty much gone now. 

    If you had posted this back in 2003-2008 I would of said hell yes... Now I wouldn't recommend it to any of my friends. 

    "In the immediate future, we have this one, and then we’ve got another one that is actually going to be – so we’re going to have, what we want to do, is in January, what we’re targeting to do, this may or may not happen, so you can’t hold me to it. But what we’re targeting to do, is have a fun anniversary to the Ilum shenanigans that happened. An alien race might invade, and they might crash into Ilum and there might be some new activities that happen on the planet." ~Gabe Amatangelo

  • HolophonistHolophonist Member UncommonPosts: 2,091
    Unfortunately what you say rings true to me. I've heard others describe the game in the same way. Oh well. Maybe I'll get bored enough with the state of MMOs and try it anyway. Thanks for the reply.
  • StandadeezyStandadeezy Member Posts: 23
    if you were interested in playing for the first time, i would be more than happy to adventure with you. currently looking for other people interested. please reply if interested!
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