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"Growth Pack" City of Steam Gift Code Giveaway

AcorniaAcornia Member UncommonPosts: 216

Since Mechanist Games lost their PR department many months ago when R2 games signed up to publish the game for them.

There has been very little info put out to the public about this game.  Now Mechanist Games has taken back control of the game and is going to relaunch it as City of Steam: Arkadia  on the 4th of Dec at 2100hrs (9PM) east coast time.

As part of this relaunch I found info that lead to on the CoS forum.  It seems that CoS_Levest28 of this web site.

This is what he post there:

"Woot, boy have we got the goodies for you!  In celebration of City of Steam: Arkadia launching on December 4th at 9PM, we at LazyGamerz have been provided with guft codes to give away to our users.  These are different than the compensation and 10K facebook like packs, so come just post a simple reply saying you would like a key, and I will PM you one here on our site :)


(Just a quick note:  as far as we know so far, you must activate this key on the character you wish to use it once you are logged into the game.


Each key will provide:


10x Strong Health Quaff

10x Strong Steam Quaff

1x Level 1 Mod Box

5x Keys

5X Alloys

20x Transmuter Orb

2x Transmuter Coolant

1x Broadcast Ticket

100x Spiremarks

1x Spiked Goggles

1x Vented Goggles

1x Drum Tophat"


So there you have boys and girls, so far this is the only web site that has this giveaway.  This may change in the next few days or weeks.  But if you are returning to the game or just want to check it out go take at look at the CoS main page, forum and there at LazyGamer.


Steps needed to get the code:

go to and sign up   (add www.) in front of it to make the web link.

Then go to the forum web page and say that you would like a code.

Check the web site PM for code (he also sent me the code in a web email)

Once the game starts enter code in redeem code box.

Should then get in game email with items.


Note: you can only use the Growth Pack Gift code only once reguardless of what web site you should get it from.


See you in game.


P.S.  There is also a 10.000 Likes code give away in the CoS forum.


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