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Am I the only ones completely disappointed by Romulans?

BearKnightBearKnight Member CommonPosts: 461

I was all set to play my favorite race from the STO universe (Seriously, Om nom nom!), but then ran into a hickup at level 10.


Yea, I was all set for my Science officer to get a science ship and science the crap out of people! Then, NOPE....completely denied any form of choice for ship design regardless of the fact I have StarFleet as my "Allied Faction".


Starfleet ships can't be gotten with a normal ship voucher that you get every 10levels. This means that I either fork over RL cash for one, or I spend WEEKS of Dilithium farming in order to get one. This is absurd, seriously. At level 30 if I want a decent Science vessel it costs 80k Dilithium! At around 3k a day for a level 30 that'd take me about 26 1/2 days to get! WTF!!


So yea, as you might have guessed Romulans don't give you Science ships for Romulan ships until about 40. I THINK I saw the first "Romulan" based Science ship at 30, but I could be mistake as I was pretty miffed about not being able to fly a Science ship at 10 or 20 like I can for Klingons or Fed. What do I get? Tactical officer oriented ships! Yea, totally not what I chose and wanted to be :'(!


So unless you're a Tactical Officer oriented captain, or have money to throw away, you won't be choosing a non-Tactical oriented ship until about 30 or 40.



Oh, don't get me started on being a level 50 Romulan. Apparently the "playerbase" didn't want Romulans to be able to fly their Allied level 50 ships. So Romulans get shafted when new ships come in that aren't Romulan :'(! Though I believe Cryptic has started making newer ships Universal? (aka: that new Carrier thing from the 8th chapter stuff?)



Not sure if I want to keep play my level 10 Romulan or go back to my level 42 Fed I haven't touched in a year :'(.





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