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[VIDEO] Triumvirate. Renatus

SwppSwpp Member Posts: 2

Triumvirate Renatus

Uh this one took more than I expected , 30 days of Renders/Compositions/vfx etc...
This is a presentation of eve online's Triumvirate alliance.
90% of the scenes were created handmade in MAX and AE(element 3D)
Render Engines: Final render / Scanline / Vray / Krakatoa
Softwares: 3DS MAX / After Effects / Zbursh / Sony vegas / Audacity / Triexporter
Video lenght 3 mins
Rez: 1280x720
Created by Swp
Thanx to Sessuale
[email protected]







  • RaventreeRaventree Member Posts: 456
    I'm not going to lie, that video was pretty epic.  I don't know what the hell I was looking at since I don't play Eve, but I wanted to sign up and buy something.

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