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[Cactuar] -EG- Everyone's Grudge: Tues Wed Sun 8:30 Est Coil

Currently recruiting is open for: 


A Little About our Free Company

Experirenced Players

Organzized Groups

Endgame Focused

All Crafing Needs Available

Guild Meetings

Teamspeak 3 (private server)


If Interested, apply at:


Hours of Operation
Peak Hours: Primarily Evenings, 6-12pm EST. We are mostly split between CST and EST time zones. These are not event times. This is the primary active hours for our members.
Event Times: Events start around 8:30pm EST. Days of events are normally Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday.

Our Philosophy
- We are a group of players dedicated to a common goal.
- Our goal is to have a fully functioning Free Company that can complete everything the game has to offer while remaining a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other.
- Our Free Company will remain on the small-medium side to foster friendships and provide cohesion between players.
- We are not concerned with being the "server firsts."
- We will have a laid back and fun atmosphere
- We are organized to ensure we can accomplish our goals.

Member Expectations
1. Real life comes first. You will never be required to attend an event over something in real life.
2. We expect you to use our Teamspeak 3 server for all events and welcome you to use it beyond those events.
3. If you are in-game and asked to help with a scheduled event you need to help out.
4. We expect our players to check the forums at least once a week and use the website to sign up for events.
5. We expect the Code of Conduct to be followed.
6. If there is a problem you have with anything FC related you will talk to the leadership so that we can address it.

Event Scheduling and Grouping
1. The Sign up is based on the order you sign up. This is a priority right.
2. It is a rotating list so we can get everyone to participate in coil. If you want to go, sign up even if the event appears full!
3. Priority will be given to whom ever hasn't participated or whom has participated the least number of times recently (last 3 events)
4. The party make up needs to have a variety of classes. Rotations/subs will be made accordingly and fairly based on the classes and number of runs done that week.
5. You must sign up 24 hours prior to an event to retain priority rights. (see rule 1)
6. You have 10 minutes from event start time before you will be replaced by a stand in (Unless prior notice is given and approved)
7. If you are an unexcused absence there is a 3 strike policy. 1st time a reminder is given, the 2nd time you will be officially warned, the 3rd time you will be removed.



For more info visit:


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