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I'm back from my latest trip to a nameless MMORPG... not that anyone cares. My adventure began with a tiny discussion with a DEV who was hanging around watching the game evolve (from my perspective).


Prior to joining the MMO, my thoughts on DEVS was pretty low... You know what I mean.


-Arrogant design and game play

-lack of forward thinking

-bandwagon games




After speaking with a DEV in depth, I asked the hard questions. Although I am not even remotely qualified to perform any sort of journalistic interviewing (nor do I have permission to give a name nor direct quotes) I looked into the mind of said developer and this is what I got...


Developers understand that players want a place to call home in the MMOG world. They want a game that provides fun to it's subscribers (fans). Players are not dumb people who are herded like sheep or even lemmings. There are those who follow family, friends and those who come to meet people from across the world or even their backyard.

This DEV is by no means non-typical. The game's future was laid out in terms that appealed to my senses. I felt as though it might be the last MMORPG I'd ever subscribe to... but lets be real, that ain't gonna happen.

All the talk and insight allowed my own mind to wander quite a bit. Then it hit me, 'What do I want to do with the next five years of my gaming life?'

I personally know a designer/CGI specialist and he needs constant feedback from an objective point of view (mine)... While I am no expert on what is great vs epic, my resume in the gaming world allows me to offer my opinion based from my tenure alone.

DEVS have dreams. They want feedback. In a business world, gaming companies are run like every other company in the world... the janitor, in time, will absorb how games succeed and how they die. Unfortunately, players are the janitors of these powerful companies. We are necessary. They respect our minds, but they have their own dreams that must fit inside the hottest business model that generates the most cash... after all is said and done, profit is still first priority.

Gamers have dreams too... 

We want a place that is respectable enough to ask our moms or dads to come and see. We want players who understand that there will be penalty for undesired behavior. We want teams of support at the onset to weed out bugs and broken mechanics. We want powerful looking armor and weapons. We want the latest means for communicating ingame. We want all the amenities that the big MMORPG guys delve out so easily. We don't want to pay to win. We want to win as we play. We want hardcore servers. We want social servers. We want PVE/PVP/KVK.

(Our list is longer)

This nameless DEV from a nameless RPG really made me understand that they are not as evil as we tend to think. Devs have bosses. Their boss has bosses, and so on... this means that very often, Devs are here to schmooze the crowds and calm the motivation to jump through the screen and just kick someone's (@#$@)... sorry, I tend to rage write.

Thanks for your eyes and the next time you get a chance to talk with a DEV, give them a huge-ass hug when it's over. 


Ataaka -because your life is important and I need you running through woods with crappy armor. <wink>

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