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4 days to go till launch of City of Steam: Arkadia

AcorniaAcornia Member UncommonPosts: 229

Mechanist Games states that the game is ready to launch 4 Dec 2013 at 2100 hrs (9PM) east coast time.

For those that have played the older versions of City of Steam that are returning or those that have never played it, I say aloha and welcome.

Go to the City of Steam: Arkadia main web site (can be found by clicking on the city of steam symbol above) then click on the official site link.

Read the game info there to see if you might like it then go and look over the forum for more info.  WARNING: A lot of the current game info from players are taken from the 2.0 version on Chinese test server 19.   The US English 2.0 version has been changed to fit our way of playing.  So take everything the players say with a grain of salt.

As a returning player that state that they will have one server at start that can handle several thousand players on-line at one time.

So go take a look and take a look at what may be a free to play game that may be a sleeper  of a great game.


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