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Game List....Help!

PGrimmPGrimm Member UncommonPosts: 40

I, like a lot of players out there, am bored out of my mind with no current game to play.  I constantly find myself trying to go thru the game list here at our beloved, however I don't know if thru neglect or just shear volume, the list is badly out-dated.  It is very hard to use.  As I search for a new game to try from the list, game after game, is no longer available/never released. Far too many of them are not even a mmo to begin with.  Also I noticed, it influx of browser based ( low quality) games in the list.  its not even fun to look at it any longer.


Can we please get a campaign going, here at, to have the staff, at least go thru the list, and clean up the list some.  perhaps we could get 2 categories going,  one for 3rd graphical games, and then one for the browser based games.  Can we please take out the games  that are no longer being developed or saw the light of day.  I am all for having a list of all the games,  but can we manage them better?  Please!


I would suggest if you  don't have the man power, to at least put in a button where we the players upon looking thru the game list, come across dead games ( dead in the sense that when you click on game you get a 404 error code, or the game is cancelled), could report said game for deletion off of the site...  lets do a bit of spring cleaning, a little bit early!


I would love to see a clean updated games list, that when I click on a game, I actually get to see a MMO, and get to read up about it!  If you need volunteers, maybe have some of us help you out!  its getting to the point its useless to even try to use this site.


Thanks in advance!



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