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War Thunder will be worse than WoT.

manaekmanaek Member Posts: 33

War Thunder will be worse than WoT. There is a new horrible progression system that is coming out in WT that will make it worse than WoT, and thoose scumbags at Gaijin even gonna steal some money.

1. You need to unlock next plane by unlocking several modules in previous plane in the lineup, or use GE to instantly unlock thoose modules if you dont want to fly it. You cant skip planes without GE anymore.
2. 5 tiers in total. That means anything thats not top of its tier performance wise is cannon fodder.
3. German jets are tier 5 of course, which is supposed to represent korean war jets, nothing new here.
4. You need to unlock several planes in current tier to progress to next tier. I.E you need 4 planes unlocked in tier 4 to progress to tier 5. That means that I at some point gonna need to grind a whole tree which I dont want (since we grinding trees now just like in WoT) just to progress to next tier. Thats 10 times more grind and money sucking than WoT. In wot, they forced you to grind a tanks you dont want in a line to progress to the one you want. In here, its that, + grinding another line you dont even want to top out just to get enough planes unlocked for next tier.
5. If you have planes that you researched but not bought, you will loose that research, gonne need to grind to unlock them again using new system. If you used GE on nations XP, and didnt yet buy the stuff you unlocked with that GE, you loose it. GE is effectively stolen, you need to grind for a plane you paid to have unlocked but didnt buy for whatever reason(which is none of Gaijin's business, whether I bought the plane right away or not).

Is not wargaming, these scum are 10x timer worse. Wargaming always made you grind. But it didnt force you to grind additional lines just to be able to unlock next tier of grind on the line you do want to grind. 

Wargaming always solved any disputes caused by changes in progression lines in player's favour. If you researched something, but haven't bought it, you will keep it researched when its retiered/rebalanced/moved to different progression tree.

Wargaming has nothing that gives you in-game advantage that is not aquirable by grinding lots of silver currency. Gaijin has Ace level of crew expertiese, that gives you in-game combat advantage, and is inaquirable by any way except paying lots of GE. 

Wargaming never used "beta" justification to milk money from people, then change progression entirely and made thoose investments effectively void. Worse than void, any GE you spent on transferring XP to faction rank is gone, since faction rank is gone. Thats in direct break of their promise that every dime you spent on beta won't be wiped, and all you purchased will stay with you after release. I've purchased faction rank, now its gone and money is gone.

I am sorry I ever gave money to thoose thieves and liars. Don't touch this game - spread the word, dev's deserve nothing more than bakrupcy and getting thrown on the streets.


  • anghangh Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Nonsense. You don't understood how the tier system is going to work in new patch, you can't see how simple is to get any plane right now, and you simply fails at understanding the mechanics of the game. You don't have to be top tier to have fun, and you actually can play top tiers if you want without loosing money - something, what you can't do in WoT from tier 7-8.


    But the point is the War Thunder is a good, refined game which brings refined flight and fight model, where WoT is simply pretty arcade card-boxes on tracks. After playing planes in WT I have no need at all to get back to WoT simply because i can't stand anymore unrealistic physic and tanks - and the only changes are to bring more and more UFO tanks which often havent been ever build. New Japanese line is a total joke.


    New patch is live already for ps4 players and most of the voices are really positive. I dont really care because I have most of the planes already bought and unlocked (something you cant really do in WoT because of space limit - but you can buy more, for real money, sure), but I see nor reason that this could be any problem for the new players. 


    @5 - what research? what are you talking about? there is no research in WT. So you either  buying the plane or not, research is not existing. And you now what? earning a million credits in WT is just a few hours, so you can buy all the planes you want. If you are playing, not whining.

  • sakersaker Member UncommonPosts: 1,251

    Impossible, the russian mobster types of w.o.t can't be bested in being awful.

  • cptndunselcptndunsel Member UncommonPosts: 136

    I agree that the re-do of plane tiers, introduction of Battle Rating (BR), and a system that now factors in a player's stats when building a match has created a variety of issues which detract from the game and worsen the player experience.

    This all came about with 1.37 when they collapsed 20 tiers into 5. The new reliance on BR is flawed as is the spread allowed in a match (1.3 approximately). So a 1930s design with a BR of 3.0 will often face mid 1940s designs with BRs of 4.0 to 4.3. Many times this means going up with 7.7mm guns vs 20mm or 37mm cannon. The results are predictable.

    The amount of anger flooding the official WT forums over this, and not being censored all that much, tells the tale of how well this is received. Now the ball is in Gaijin's court.

    Failing to adjust tier levels, BR scores, and matchmaking in general will show that Gaijin is as bad as WG in that they refuse to listen to the player base. Of they could surprise us, adjust the system, reduce the BR spread allowed etc. to make fair matches ... too early to tell.

    OP point is valid in that 1.37 was a blunder and has created a lot of issues and anger. But Gaijin has a way to go before they could be considered as bad as WG.

  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko Member EpicPosts: 6,916

    It's a F2P game that has ONLY combat, yet does not sell combat advantage in their Cash Shop. They have to make money somehow...


    By frequently dropping a higher level opponent into "lower-level matches", the game increases the player's incentive to rise up in tiers. However, unlocking higher tiers is slow going and may result in much frustration for the impatient. That pushes them towards the Cash Shop where there are a number of ways to speed-up your progression speed (NOT your combat power).


    The benefit of this larger tier spread in matches is that your wait time for matches is much shorter.


    In Arcade Battle mode, players can go in with multiple planes in their line-up. Where to place a player who has 1 plane from Tier 2 and 4 from T1 in his line-up ? Should that player be forced to join the T2 queue ? Should he only be allowed in the T2 queue once he has unlocked multiple T2 planes ?


    Fighting planes with a higher level than your own is frustrating, sure, but it's a great feeling of satisfaction when you finish a round and get awarded the "Balancer" battle achievement, for shooting down "the most planes one rank above your own" image

  • cptndunselcptndunsel Member UncommonPosts: 136

    Here we are nearly 2 months after 1.37 was introduced and Gaijin has done next to nothing to address the issues created. Player base in NA is in decline based on the # of people I see logged on during prime time. 


    Supposedly Gaijin will "fix" something with 1.39 but seriously... its taking too long. It feels like the devs are more interested in rolling out tanks right now than they are keeping their air game player base intact.


    Questionable decision making - starting to see some WG-like traits from this developer. Which is sad because the game is much better than World of Warplanes, but that may not be the case for too much longer.

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