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How I would design a Star Wars MMO



  • DocBrodyDocBrody Member UncommonPosts: 1,926
    Originally posted by tawess

    Ok first of i like to give you a big thumbs up for creativity.


    But i see a few problems with your idea, first off you limit your player base by putting such high end system-specs on it. That might fly with single player games as they are less reliant on returning customers. SW:ToR had problems enough with this and generally it is a good idea to aim low. Part of WoW´s brilliance was that you could pretty much play with on a slice of toast. It did not look pretty but it played.

    Your second problem is that you want large, fully designed planets and have two races that require their own specially designed gear, this bumps the time needed to develop art up significantly. Also you want a sandbox style game and put Courscant in there, a planet that is one massive city and in it´s very design the polar opposite of a open world.


    The rest of the ideas are fairly doable and could prolly be fleshed out, even if a open skill system is a nightmare to balance and pretty much spells the end to all attempts to include PvP in the game.


    The question is, who do you see as your customer?

    Thank you!

    Yes people would need a fairly good PC to play, although better engines scale well on different systems. E.g. Forgelight is said to work on a wide array of systems and still looks fantastic on high end systems. I'm not a fan of optimizing for the lowest common denominator though. Make people WANT to upgrade their systems instead of gimping your visuals for the cheapskates. If they play on a museum PC they won't spend much money on your game anyway.

    e.g. Star Citizen, good example.

    For all previous Chris Roberts games I got, most of the time I upgraded my PC to be able to play, I'll upgrade for SC as well.


    For gear, I wouldn't put ANY stats on "armor"  and keep clothing purely cosmetic, similiar to TSW. Yes due to different races there would be higher demand for art assets for more different body types.

    I wouldn't worry about the customer base, probably a more mature audience with higher PC specs and with an interest in Star Wars and sandbox gameplay, as well as everyone who ever bought and played a GTA title who would enjoy a sort of Sci-Fi GTA Online experience with a space component and interplanetary travel.

  • DocBrodyDocBrody Member UncommonPosts: 1,926
    Originally posted by Steelhelm
     now you're painting vision of grandeur in my mmo star wars mind... but I would definitely play your game. Is it f2p, b2p, sub or hybrid?

    B2P with premium sub option, sub not necessary but would come with a few goodies. Also, a cash shop with purely cosmetic items and to sell the DLCs.

    No pay2win of course.

  • RidrithRidrith Member RarePosts: 753
    A game like this will never be made mostly because most of your ideas wouldn't work out in a MMO.  Especially on such a mass scale, even if it did some of the elements you've included would be niche.  Theorycrafting is always fun but I highly doubt if a game like this game came out in today's market it would do just as poorly if not more so in comparison to SWTOR.  Developers are developers for a reason they have the skill sets and schooling to know what they're doing.
    I like to complain about games.
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