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VSoH - This was the game where I really felt there was another depth to it - the size of the world, the lack of spoon feeding, the risk both in the gameworld and in the dungeons, the creativity and imagination used in creating the gameworld, the friendly community and so forth. I came from WoW Vanilla at the time which was, not my first MMO, but the first that i got really involved in. I am not from the UO or EQ age, wasnt into mmorpg's at the time. 

I have played Rift and I liked it, but it's not close to Vanguard when it comes to gameplay made for adults, that wants to be challenged beound the insta gratification paradigm. I liked the game and the gameworld but its far from Vanguard no doubt there.

Do such a game exist at the moment? 

Maybe Arche Age will be a such but aparantly its not just around the corner.

EQ next is obviously years away. 


How about Tera? I have heard some positive comments here and there about it. Is it a large open world? Is it hard? With risk? Or is it on rails with half naked child looking girls with miniskirts made for the desperate sexstarved avarage gamer?

NW? is this game full of zoning with no real world? Like I have read about TSW. I dont want to play heavily instanced games with loadtimes, its ok in dungeons i can live with this, but small areas with load times breaks my immersion.  

GW2? From what i can tell its a themepark. Very easy content that you just blow trough? But beautiful open gameworld as a positive? 

I am not looking for something that nessasarily will have to last for years. Just something to keep me busy for some time as a casual adult player with the responsabilities that comes with this package. 

Games I have tried.








Kind Regards


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