This game was once good

Back in late 2008 I started playing Perfect World International during beta.  It was awesome, community was great, game was very balanced, you could progress without spending much in their cash shop.  I had so much fun with many friends doing things together and levelling up.  5 years on the company that manages this game have managed to kill it all.

Over the years they chose greed rather than listening to their player base.  They allowed folks to glitch to max level without punishment, they made every new addition to the game cash shop orientated, they gave up on quality and released patch after patch with glitches and bugs and broken content and no communicatino to players on if/when fixes would be made.

So over time my friends all left to newer and better MMOs.  But still I hung on, mostly just reliving the good memories I had of a once good game.  I spent well over 5000 dollars on this game, and this is not a lot compared to many people I know, you basically have to cash shop to play unless you are online like 10 hours a day.  I was OK paying that much while the game was fun, say 100 dollars a month seemed OK to hang out and chat with friends and have fun (no worse than buying drinks in a bar for friends).

But the last few months things have got far worse.  Many quests are simply broken, missing NPCs/items and no word on fixing them.  The servers are becomming more and more unstable and crash with every maintenance.  We even had a server rolled back 4 days then a completely mis-managed attempt at compensation that allowed people to get hundres of gold and some of the best game items while the people who did not cheat like myself got NOTHING.  Check out their forum at if you want to egt a flavor of the most recent problems.

Right now the games community is up in arms and PWE have announced they will do little/nothing about it.

As you can probably tell I am done with this MMO as are many other people.  They have a new expansion comming soon but I expect that to be broken too and cause even more issues.  I have zero confidence in the team running the game.

If you try PWI I am sure you will enjoy the gameplay for a while but soon you will need to cash shop and soon you will be stung by the quality and game management issues.



  • CorvuscoCorvusco Member UncommonPosts: 164
    5000$ on that game?? I think i will faint now...
  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134

    shocking, but PWI are expanding, maybe the will just milk this , until it dies, and focus on the other projects

    PW was a good game, its sad , to see it go Down, like this

    is it true, that they started in 2008? i could have sworn, that it was older

  • goboygogoboygo Member RarePosts: 1,740
    And this my friends is why the F2P model makes them unplayable to anyone with a shred of sanity.
  • ViperDragonViperDragon Member UncommonPosts: 101
    $5,000?? Yikes.  I should have taken game developing in uni!  You make some valid points, though.  I do the same thing with many different online games and worlds: you stay playing, hoping to recapture the fun you once had.  Trouble is, it rare happens, in my experience.

    A great list of free games (mostly MMORPGs):

  • PapaprikaPapaprika Member Posts: 51
    This thread is still VERY ACURATE and REFLECTS the current STATE OF THE GAME as of the last update "New Horizons". Again, just go to the forums to see how bad it is. Same arguments since launch. P2W mechanics and mass bullying by credit card holders dropping in at least 5K. 
  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134

    i hope, they dont do the same in STO

    if you milk too hard, the cow will run away

  • SJStrikersSJStrikers Member UncommonPosts: 34
    Originally posted by goboygo
    And this my friends is why the F2P model makes them unplayable to anyone with a shred of sanity.

    So true. I don't see any sense why someone would pay 100$/mo on a F2p compared to a supported, balanced MMO that is subscription based 14.99/mo...


    I'm OK with subscriptions, and have yet to be let down by those games... but f2p's are FREE ONLY and NEVER BUY unless I am 100% sure it will open up the game to a game on some long-term level, and even then it's NOT BEEN WORTH IT.



  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134

    PW was once a good F2P game, so they CAN do it

    STO is owned by PWI , and they have one of the best F2P models on the market

    i have a feeling , that STO is becoming the new flagship, and PW is reduced to second rank


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