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I'm quite enjoying RFOnline right now Nov2013!

ringdanyringdany Member Posts: 122

Well ive just started RF Online at i think this is the international US server. Some points i really like about the game :-

1) Really good music and clean crisp attractive gfx

2) Quite a crisp interface

3) Full 3D

4) A kind of intriguing combat skill system. The more you use your skill the better you get at it. But in one class you can actually mix and match say close combat and a large range of various magic skills. So your opponent is going to be a bit unpredictable as to which of his skills are better than yours, even if he is of the same class.

5) Quite easy to level. Im level 5 and the grinding is of course fast at low levels, but its a relaxing grind.

6) It has a WASD style keyboard movement option, but im not sure if it can be customised more.

7) lots of players in my server. saw at least 15+ running around in starter HQ and ~7 in just the tiny newbie grinding area right outside the HQ.

well ive only just started but overall really interesting.

The maps are a bit hard. I'm still trying to find the npc i took my first quest from.


edit: a few days after my post, i found out that this game lets u use inifinite healing pots while doing pvp. this is a big negative for me in  a pvp game because the detemrinant of victory is then not how you use your combat skills but rather how many pots you are carrying. im not sure if i will continue playing. i might.

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