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EA Reveals that their SW deal done in May 2013 lasts a full decade



  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134
    Originally posted by CazNeerg
    Originally posted by simplius
    Originally posted by ktanner3
    If you're asking for proof that TOR can be played from 1-50 with only one hotbar then clearly you didn't play the game for very long and have no idea what you're talking about as far as the game goes. Sort of like those NGE fans that claim SWG was a sandbox game at shutdown.

    im not saying, that its impossible

    im saying, that , just beacuse a minority could, and would, do it, it might not be enjoyable for the casual player

    why design a casual game, and then scare the casual gamer away?

    maybe i can mash buttons at a frantic rate, but i wont pay for it long term

    good mmos let the players chose their own pace

    some of them , even have (gasp) DIFFICULTY SETTINGS

    Wait, lack of extra hotbars scares casuals away?  Since when?  Wouldn't casuals be the people most likely to prefer just using one hotbar?  The kind of people being targeted by games which are focusing on having even less function that one hotbar?

    AFAIK , the hotbars didnt scare many away

    it was , pretty much , everything else

    people , who wanted to wield a lightsabre: roughly 3 mios

    people , who wanted , to continue , wielding it, AFTER THEY TRIED: roughly 500k

    the lightsabre wasnt, as epic, as they thought

    or , maybe , the game wasnt?

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