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Looking to get into an MMO before EQN: Landmark

Thebrave246Thebrave246 Member Posts: 174

Would anybody like to play an MMORPG with me before EQ: Next really comes out? I am trying to find some cool people to embark on a new journey in an MMO with. I am open to such games as LOTRO, SWTOR (Even though I played it to 50 already), Rift, etc. Let me know if there is one I should try, I have played a lot of them out there. PM me or just reply on here.




  • AmanaAmana Moderator UncommonPosts: 3,912
    I'm actually going to move this over to the LFG forum because people in there are looking for games to play, and sometimes people to play with.

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  • Thebrave246Thebrave246 Member Posts: 174
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