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I Need Help!

xanthmetisxanthmetis Member UncommonPosts: 141

My main focus is  battlegrounds in MMO's:  i really love objectives and the overall aspect of a game

Must Have:

1. variety of different battlegrounds to choose from (gw2 tired of the same thing every  game. wow best variety imo)

2 .non gear dependent (slight is fine just not a huge difference)                                                                                                          my issue with wow arena gear versus bg gear, aoc rank 10 versus rank 3 where is the skill when your gear and/or is at such  a different level.

3. I need the mouse to click my skills (thus why panzaar, forge wont work for me)

4. Decent balance: no game is perfect but I like the idea of skill being used and anyone killing anyone

5. Tab target and mouse targeting

6. Third person view

7.  game server is not laggy on its own accord (rift is so so laggy never experienced this in game before)


1. I love the dodging gw2 and the ability to fire your weapon without having to target the player (gw2 ruined me in this aspect)

2. Graphics: about the level of gw2 will tolerate slightly less

3. I love playing hybrid classes with the ability to heal: but there are lots of other classes i enjoy so its not a strict requirement


I do not believe this game currently exists.  Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance :)

BTW I like owpvp for like 30 mins, but battlegrounds is where I can spend hours upon hours in.

I think i would love plantside 2 if it wasnt i first person view and yes i know this owpvp, but it looks like a lot of fun...


  • BlizzardShillBlizzardShill Member UncommonPosts: 37

    Neverwinter doesn't have much BG variety at all and you can't use your mouse to click your encounter powers, but it meets the other criteria.  You only really have a few keybinds to remember anyway (Q, E, R, 1 and 2) so it's really easy to pick up and play.


    SWTOR doesn't have dodging and does tab targeting but it sounds like you enjoy WoW and this game is similar.  The bolster system makes you competitive at 55 but not exactly 1v1 material versus Expertise (3 pvp stats in one) users.  The BG objective styles are interesting and if you have a coordinated team, Huttball is a blast.  Also good to mention that tanks have real PVP utility in this game.



  • xanthmetisxanthmetis Member UncommonPosts: 141

     I will look more into SWTOR...

    Neverwinter: even that amount of keybinds would drive me nuts and yeah I want a bit more of a variety in bgs.

    Thank you very much for the reply :)

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