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I dont know...

makasouleater69makasouleater69 Member UncommonPosts: 1,096

    Well I thought I would share my experience here, since the people that run the game never told me, so I just quit. They really did a number to this game lol. I played it to vice admiral before perfect world bought it, and I never hit a bug once. As it stands now the game is more like a beta. I played this last time, for about 5 days, and got a level 50 romulan, and a level 50 klingon. My crew members on both teams got stuck all the time, over 50 percent of the time I was fighting with like 1 or 2 members of the team stuck in some wall some where. The voice from the romulan crew you get, some how makes his way to the klingon ships. I got stuck in the wall half way though a mission and had to beam up and start again.


I let all this slide though, it was a pretty fun game, what made me quit when i was getting my star fleet guy up to 50, was i went to talk, and for no reason i can think of it said i couldent talk to any one for 24 hours. On this whole 5 days, i barely talked to any one. And with this character I talked one time. I said these words in earth space dock. I guess gamers are getting dumb. I cant believe they put a video and a line to find the admiral. Which in any other game i played would not of got me silenced, not to mention no one even told me why i was being silenced, I found out when i wanted to ask a question about a ship, about a hour later. I sent a message to the gm, and this is what they told me about a day later. 

Response Via Email (Support Staff 35) 11/12/2013 08:18 AM
Hello ,

Thank you for your report! We are investigating the situation and appropriate action will be taken for any Terms of Service violations that have occurred. 

Perfect World Support

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 Customer By Web Form 11/10/2013 05:19 PM
Why can i not talk for 22 hours and 15 mins? What is that all about? Making a paying customer not be able to talk for 24 hour is rediclous, you didnt even tell me why. You just lost a customer.
 Question Reference #131110-001281
Product Level 1:  Star Trek Online
Category Level 1:  Customer Support
Category Level 2:  Report Violations
Category Level 3:  Terms of Service Breach
Date Created:  11/10/2013 05:19 PM
Last Updated:  11/12/2013 08:18 AM
Status:  Support Replied
Connection Type: 
Date/Time of Problem: 
Character:  Ma'ka
Server:  Holodeck
Well I quit the game, after that. I do not think its right to just silence a paying customer with out any reason. Never happened to me in a game.  Perfect world really ruined star trek online that is all i got to say. I will never touch a perfect world game ever again. O look at that it took them almost 2 days to respond with that garbage, that means nothing lol. 
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