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Tribe - PvX on JQ

For nearly 10 years, Tribe Gaming has been an active participant in the games you play. With its roots in Diablo II, Tribe has been a competitive community builder over the years in games such as Aion, Warhammer Online, World of Warcraft, TERA, and Rift.

Tribe Gaming currently has members in FFXIV, World of Warcraft, ArcheAge and Guild Wars 2.

We are looking to extend an invitation to additional Guild Wars 2 players with a specific focus on PvX meaning that we enjoy all aspects of the game, WvW, PvE, and PvP.

About Our Culture and Community

Serious Fun: Tribe focuses on bringing together community oriented, sociable, engaging people who are also active, competent, success-driven players. We don’t want just one side of that coin, you need to be both. We are a group of “serious-fun” people that enjoy playing hard and overcoming challenges, and then kicking back, joking around, and enjoying each other’s company. A healthy sense of humor is a must. We reject players who we don’t feel would be a good culture fit with our group more often than we reject based on skill, or gear or previous success. We seek out members that are both good players and good people. New and experienced players that fit this competitive yet supportive profile are welcome.

Mature, Adult Player-base: Most members in Tribe are working adults, many married, some with families and children. We understand the constraints and needs that your personal life can play on your game time. Yet we also place a strong emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability. Tribe disagrees with the premise that how you act in a game can be different than how you may interact with people in your day-to-day life; Gaming IS real life. Lack of accountability towards other players on your team impacts them. Tribe members are conscientious of how their actions and words directly impact the play of their fellow community members.

Cross-game Community: Tribe is a very active community, playing a large number of online and offline games at any given time. Our focus is on the community over any specific game, so our forums receive dozens of posts daily as our members get to know each other. We enjoy playing other games for fun and mixing with other people in Tribe. When you join Tribe you join a gaming community first, and a specific guild second. Many of our members have been with us for several years. Tribe offers the flexibility to enjoy new games while still being a member of a strong and active community.

Lasting Friendships: Many of us are on a first name basis. We have a yearly gathering to meet, and people have attended each other’s weddings. We are an open and accepting community, and are always looking for more good people to come and be a part.

Our Goals in Guild Wars 2

  • Be active and successful in WvWvW battles
  • Supporting and helping members that wish to be successful and competitive in PvP(e-sport)
  • Explore the rich PvE content and take part in many of the dynamic events the world will have to offer
  • Maintaining an active member base to achieve the aforementioned goals

We are looking for the following qualities in our members:

  • Players that are willing to work with a team and its members to bring improvement as a whole
  • Less experienced players that are willing to work hard and improve their game
  • Mature Players looking to give and get respect while enjoying their gaming experience
  • Social members that have and use a working mic when possible

Things you can expect

  • Active Leadership
  • Supportive and Knowledgeable guild mates
  • Mumble Server
  • A community larger than just Guild Wars

How to apply

1. Click here:
2. Actively check your application for responses
3. Join us on our Mumble server and socialize


  • StabbingEggsStabbingEggs Member Posts: 1

    Hey Everyone, we run Guild Missions every Friday at 7:00 Mountain Standard. PM us if interested in joining in.



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