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Thank you MMORP! Post your Hearthstone Beta Proof.

I'm a lucky winner of the day 7 of Hearthstone beta give aways, so i'm infinite happy now, thank you for the giveaway. And here's a proof that i'm using my new beta key:


  • BroooklynBroooklyn Member UncommonPosts: 7

    Confirmed. I just received my Day 7 key moments ago.


    Thank you MMORPG.

  • shdynastyshdynasty Member Posts: 10

    I won today as well, except it says the key has already been used :/ 




  • SmexMachineSmexMachine Member Posts: 3

    I won on day 8. Super happy. 

    Thanks a bunch mmorpg :)


  • PikachumeatPikachumeat Member Posts: 3
    My names on the list for Day 9 and i recieved my key in 30 minutes! Thanks MMORPG.
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