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1 Player Donates $10,000 to CoT Kickstarter!!!!

MysteryBMysteryB Member UncommonPosts: 355

For those who dont know, City of Titans is a successor game to City of Heroes, a game and online home to many great people, the game was sadly shut down before its time.


The kickstarter for City of Titans started 29 days ago and we have seen how strong the City of Heroes community truly is, by pulling together the community has fully funded an MMORPG. This is a grand accomplishment on its own, but some players went above and beyond, someone out there donated over $10,000 of their own money, and to that person I say thank you. 6 people donated over $7,500, 11 people over $3,000....some people might say that is a waste of money, but I see people just looking for our place in the gaming world and a community that wont stand for being shut out.


30 hours to go lets keep it up guys, and thank you everyone who donated and for continuing to be the best community in gaming.

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  • WellspringWellspring Member EpicPosts: 1,200
    Man I didn't even know this KS was going on. How is this version of CoH different than the Ship of Heroes one being made?
  • TalonsinTalonsin Member EpicPosts: 3,619
    Some people have lots of money and to them $10,000 is like $10 to you and me.  Think about a retired person whose wife passed away.  All he has is his games and memories of old games he played back when life was a bit more fun.  Is it really that crazy that he would drop $10,000 on the idea of a game that he thinks could bring some of that fun back into his life?
    "Sean (Murray) saying MP will be in the game is not remotely close to evidence that at the point of purchase people thought there was MP in the game."  - SEANMCAD

  • VandarixVandarix Member UncommonPosts: 167
  • Azaron_NightbladeAzaron_Nightblade Member EpicPosts: 4,677
    Vandarix said:
    Yep. Another one.
    The guy seems set on doing it to every old CoH thread.

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