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Best Combined Arms Game

HoiPoloiHoiPoloi Member UncommonPosts: 98

Combined Arms games (Infantry, Aircraft, Armor) are pretty rare these days.  The only other one I can think of is the Arma series, which are B2P and aren't really MMO on the scale of PS2.

Honestly, as infantry, there is nothing more fun than being involved in a huge PS2 tank battle.  I was in the middle of one in one of the desert environments and felt like I was watching Rommel at work.  Tanks were circling back and forth on the open terrain, and the infantry was leap-frogging from fox hole to fox hole forward.  

Add in the dogfights overhead, and you really have something special.

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  • AmarsirAmarsir Member UncommonPosts: 703

    Very true. I also generally approve of how Armor/Air/Infantry can (if they choose to) counter each other with various tools. Which in turn rewards groups for organizing well: my heavy tank can keep their armor suppressed, but I need a skyguard partner and someone else to help watch out for engineer turrets, c4, maxes, etc.

    The only potential flaw with that is that some AV weapons are a little too good against infantry, making them clear no-tradeoff weapons. But apparently a rebalance of those is on the roadmap as well. (Also Harassers are way too strong for their speed and flexibility, but again that change is in the works.)

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