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Which PVP Server Has More People? Fury Or Blood & Rage?

I stopped playing this game because I though the population was not large enough because of what some were saying on the last post. I haven't seen much of the game world and I am still in the starting zone. I will have to judge for myself and play it. I just can't play a MMO if the population is not as large as I want it to be, even if I like the game.


I am looking for huge open world pvp battles and sieges that happen often, does AOC have this? If so, what pvp server should I choose?


  • ravencultravencult Member UncommonPosts: 17

     I hit 80 with my first character just a couple of days ago on fury.I have to say that the journey to 80 is mostly a lonely one,as the majority of the players are lvl 80.I've met people in some areas,like the fields of the dead ,but it was mostly me vs mobs.The minigames dont really pop after the 10-19 bracket,but thankfully the world pvp occasions i had where enough to give me 1 pvp level and some fun breaks from grinding.If you are still in tortage i would suggest to take your time and hit pvp level 1.You can get pvp rings when you hit pvp lvl 1 and they are very helpfull through your journey to 80.

     That being said the game totally changes at level 80.You can find groops/minigames pretty easy.Siegies happen pretty often from what i read at my guld chat/forums,but you have to be a subscriber and a member of big guild for that.Finally about the population i would say fury is ok.I dont play at the blood and glory server but it's almost empty from what i hear.

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