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is this game worth it

Mellowguy254Mellowguy254 Member UncommonPosts: 26
I've been looking at the website looking at game play videos ect. all i need is player reviews so if you could tell me your likes and dislikes about the game that would be great


  • TarbloodTarblood Member UncommonPosts: 98
    The Good: It's Final Fantasy. Class freedom is nice, I like to be able to heal, tank or dps or mess around whenever or however I want in games. Being tied to 10 different characters in a game and then your sever dies sucks because you lose hundreds of dollars to transfer.
    You won't have that problem here. You only need 1 character. You can do it all, in whatever order you want (some are a lot better than others to start with but yeah.)
    Love the GuildLeve system from legacy and it carries on here. Once a day you can do X amount of missions which can help level your classes and is a decent source of gil at the lower levels.
    Beautiful graphics and a breathtaking world. I enjoyed the storyline but I am the kind of guy that actually listens/reads the quest text.
    The people on my server are really nice and have been nice since release (legacy Bal server).
    Housing is coming and I love housing, so that's a plus.
    The Bad: You went from a couple load screens to a million different load zones. This is 2013, I do not agree with a load time in-between areas. The took a step backwards here from legacy.
    In GW1, you couldn't go everywhere you could see, there were pre-designed paths you had to take. The same is the case in FFXIV for now. There is a 4 foot cliff that you cannot jump off of. No more suicidal dives of mountain tops. (Which is for shame! I love character scream-effects hahaha)
    The combat is clunky and a step-away from turned based with the 2 second global cool-down. This is a positive and a negative to me. It enables my Wife to be effective at combat, but for twitch-game veterans like myself (and combat veterans IRL) the pace of combat is mind numbing sometimes.
    I HATE that you HAVE to do X quests to be able to Y activities. I HATE that you are led by the hand, coming from old school FF11 (I know this is a different game...) I do NOT like being babied at all. A good game manual would be much more preferable. (Again, this is only MY point of view)
    Look man, you can come to forums all day EVERYDAY looking for OTHER PEOPLES  opinions on video games. Honestly, the game is WORTH the price and the free month. Do yourself a favor, buy it and try it. Don't listen to my hates and loves or others. The best advice I can ever give a gamer is to have their own opinions on games!!! I cannot think of how many games I'd never have played if I listened to others, that I absolutely loved!
    There are hundreds of MMOs and a lot of the same old with different skins. FFXIV doesn't jump out of this category at all!
    I wish you luck in your decision!


  • RollieJoeRollieJoe Member UncommonPosts: 451
    Tarblood gives good advice, listen to him.
  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 6,183

    I agree, Tarblood has a pretty fair assessment there.

    I think it's worth $30 for the first month at least. If it's worth the sub past that would very much be up to you.

  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel Member EpicPosts: 9,356

    My free month is up tomorrow...  there are a lot of things I like and dislike about this game....





    I like that you can change classes and characters,  I like that you can do everything with a single character.  I like that you can get different mounts, name and fight with your mount,  I like that player housing is coming,  I like the idea of the fate system,  and how tough some of the fights can be (in a very,  procedural way,  not in a necessarily skillful way,  once you know how to beat a boss, just repeat and repeat again).    I kind of like the leveling speed too,  and that after you reach max level it makes it easier to level other characters.




    I hate how fate obsessed everyone is right now.. it really is the best way to level in every situation.  Fates are so mind numbingly boring yet, if you don't do them, you run out of quests pretty quickly for your level once you've reached max level on a couple characters, and I would doubt not even that if you ignore fates altogether.     I absolutely HATE that the story is tied to EVERYTHING.   You have to go through the initial story to get quests in different areas,  you have to do it for your mount, you have to do it to unlock dungeons... oh,  and you can't continue your story until you finish the dungeon you unlocked.  Did I mention that queues take hours,  even for healers now.     I also of course, hate the end gear grind,  but thats pretty much par for the course to any regular MMO these days.


    Things that I'm kind of mixed on:


    I like the character models, but I hate how little choice you have on how to create your character.  I can't have the face and style beard I want as a human,  and each race seems restricted by something else or another.   


    I also hate being locked into some of the ridiculous gear choices they make you use because of stats,  a style tab would go a long way, though some sets do look pretty good.   


    I do like that you can fight with your pet,  but I don't like that you can get other kinds of pets yet not choose to fight with them.


    I hate that you can skip some story portions but are stuck clicking through others... its really annoying, and I haven't read a single quest.. though I do find that some quest objectives seem interesting such as utilizing emotes ... clever idea.. still annoying.


    I hate that pathing is so terribly ridiculously poorly done...  but in some situations I would have likely fallen to my death... so in those situations it would have been helpful.


    I like that you can teleport anywhere for a fee, and use other transit resources,  but dislike that there are some limitations here and there for each of them,  and regular teleportation costs, while high, seems to usually be the best choice most of the time.


    I dislike the global cool down,  I dislike that if you choose a specific class, that the class you chose is decidedly one note. (if you're a white mage you heal, if you're a summoner you do damage, if you're a warrior you tank)   and there is absolutely no room to change that.  You really aren't unique in any way aside from your look,  and even that is suspect once people get the same gear as you.    I also dislike the wonkyness of dodging enemy attacks in their "red zone"  I've had many people be clear off the "red zone" including myself,  and still get hit.

    Oh also, a few in our guild including myself have had issues getting randomly disconnected from the server.. it happened to me 5 times today and then there was an issue pulling my character from the global server list or some nonsense...  not the way I wanted to spend my last day playing... but..  its all the same I suppose.


    Overall, I enjoyed my month in the game.. I liked learning the game and playing with my friends that have been playing it as well... but at the end of the day,  it just wasn't enjoyable enough for me to keep playing .  Well, by playing I mean paying.  I'd consider coming back one day.


    But I would say,  its a fairly solid game with a lot of fun to be had,  wasn't for me,  but its worth the buy and the try,  if nothing else,  for the free month you get.

  • Siris23Siris23 Member UncommonPosts: 293
    Originally posted by Tarblood

    I pretty much agree with Tarblood.

    I'd also add - WAY too much is tied to the main story quest (dungeons, all the side quests, mounts, probably more that I've forgot) it's pretty much a mandatory part of leveling your character.

    Personal opinion, it was worth the 26$ I paid for it, wasn't worth continuing to sub.

  • page975page975 Member Posts: 312
    Originally posted by Siris23
    Originally posted by Tarblood

    I pretty much agree with Tarblood.

    I'd also add - WAY too much is tied to the main story quest (dungeons, all the side quests, mounts, probably more that I've forgot) it's pretty much a mandatory part of leveling your character.

    Personal opinion, it was worth the 26$ I paid for it, wasn't worth continuing to sub.


  • AlamarethAlamareth Member UncommonPosts: 570

    I agree with most except the combat being clunky.  That needs qualification.

    It's a bit clunky due to GCD until you get your advanced job, which provides several off-GCD skills.  As a scholar, I barely feel the GCD at all.

  • tommygunzIItommygunzII Member Posts: 321
    Even in it's most bare state it's worth it. The $12.99 a month is about 40 cents a day and there will be days where you will play 12+ hours because it is so addictive and fun, I know I wasn't the only one putting in crazy hours as almost everyone I saw played constantly :)
  • TakooTakoo Member CommonPosts: 149

    I would say it is worth it if you want a really casual MMO and like to level many classes. Most of the crafting classes can be maxed out in 2 days. The combat classes can be maxed out in a few days by doing fates. The thing that slows you down the most is the job and story quests you must do.


    So if you dont have a ton of time this is the MMO for you but be aware even casual players are hitting end game and running out of stuff to do.

  • ZenTaoYingYangZenTaoYingYang Member Posts: 354
    It is a solid game, but I would recommend you wait until DEC when patch 2.1 comes in. the game will feel more complete then.
  • CymdaiCymdai Member UncommonPosts: 1,041

    The way I describe this game to people is simple.

    It's worth the buy, but it's not worth the sub.

    You'll get your $30 out of it, but there is nothing else to warrant a consistent subscription, and there won't be for awhile.

    Waiting for something fresh to arrive on the MMO scene...

  • DragimDragim Member UncommonPosts: 867

    Definitely worth the initial price investment, if not a month sub after.


    Honestly I can't really add more about the game experience than already has been except that: Play at your own pace and how you want to.


    I got to 50 weaver before i got my adventure class to 30 (granted this was when the game just came out (again)).

    Then I leveled my adventure class to 30, decided I didn't like blackmage, and leveled a bard to 50 (which I most recently got).

    I mixed it up with fates, dungeons, quests, and Levequests.  Sure, I could have just did fates like everyone else, but instead I just leveled as I saw fit and enjoyed.


    I am 50 bard now, and have been playing less due to the gear grind, which has kind of turned me off.  It would be nice to have some pvp, or alternative end-game activities to engage in.  I find myself leveling a new class rather than grinding dungeons.


    Also, the group of people you choose to surround yourself with has a big impact on staying power too, in my opinion.  Find a group of people you enjoy talking to and interacting with.  Don't settle for less because if the social aspect is lacking and you find yourself becoming annoyed/unhappy by the people you play with, you will probably play less.


    Beyond that, the new patch is coming, and other promised things await in the future (personal player housing, the golden saucer (casino), maybe chocobo raising (but to what extent? since they called this a "minigame".)


    Lalafell for the win!

    I am entitled to my opinions, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

  • BluewhitehellBluewhitehell Member Posts: 66
    Originally posted by Alamareth
    I agree with most except the combat being clunky.  That needs qualification. It's a bit clunky due to GCD until you get your advanced job, which provides several off-GCD skills.  As a scholar, I barely feel the GCD at all.


    Abilities have animation lag, sometimes you clicked the ability, but it won't register the move until your animation is done. That sometimes can cause issue on hallowed ground/benediction as players reported to die after ability used. More importantly, it's not very rewarding to do your next move.

    As a DPS I often have to fit none GCD skills in between GCD skills, and must pop all buff and off GCD skills as soon as they're up, and it doesn't feel right to click the skill, only to see the skill not fire off. Imagine you're play a fighting game, pushed "punch" button, only to see your character punches after 2 sec. That's how FFXIV's combat feel like.

    Further move, because most of your skills are on GCD, you really need to pop it as soon as it's up, or else you'd lose DPS. Most of the time you're clicking next move button only to see your character not doing it. If the skills don't share same GCD but have longer cool down, or have lower GCD and no animation lag, it won't feel as clunky.

    Every time when I play ARR, I just ended up key spamming next move in rotation(and it's pretty much the same rotation from the beginning to the end for most jobs), and watch it not fire off. Repeat that 100 times until boss dies.

    IMO FFXIV 1.23 had much better battle system, where you save TP and execute moves by spending TP, and use right move on right situation. ARR battle system is just a GCD key spam race and not very rewarding.




  • fistormfistorm Member UncommonPosts: 868

    Play this game, you wont regret it one bit.  Its the most modern game worth trying, and will last you five years if you like it.

  • CymdaiCymdai Member UncommonPosts: 1,041

    Waiting for something fresh to arrive on the MMO scene...

  • FoomerangFoomerang Member UncommonPosts: 5,614

    If you're into crafting, gathering, playing the market, its one of the best new mmos out there.

  • XatshXatsh Member UncommonPosts: 239
    Originally posted by Cymdai
    Comprehensive review:


    That is probally one of the worst scored reviews out there. Detail wise alot of it is justified but scores are 2-3 points lower in every catagory then they should be based off his information he gave. Nothing is justified. It is just very obvious the reviewer did not like the game.

    Game has probably the best soundtrack in the mmo genre to date, not my opinion the opinion of the overwhelming majority of reviewers, and this site gave the sound score a 4/10...  the worst in the genre. And graphics they gave a 6/10. meaning the graphics are subpar. Currently they have some of the highest graphics in the genre, honestly it is easily arguable the top graphics currently in the mmo genre.

    Alot of that review has merit... but the score is 100% unjustified. Game deserves between a 7/10 and a 8/10 atm. There are flaws. longevity and lack of endgame being the biggest one.

    I suggest people go to meta critic and actualy read over multiple reviews if they want to know. Scores under 8/10 are in the vast minority. Honestly people need to look at the average score. The outliers <70 and >90 should probably be ignored.

    Game currently is easily worth its cost to buy. It has more content then almost any other released mmo in the last 6yrs. Issue is endgame is lacking highly atm. This game is a solid 7.5-8/10 for anyone not at endgame currently. Endgame needs to be fleshed out. if you are a more hardcore player I would wait until patch 2.1 to see if the major content patch adds enough worthwhile content to endgame... seems they are more then doubling endgame in the next patch.

    If you like FF give it a try. If you are sick of WoW or just hate FF games then stay far far away from this. Simple as that. This is a WoW clone with a FF skin with alot of polish. Do not expect revolutionary things. Do not expect action combat. Do not expect overly cartoony graphics (which seems to be the thing now days for what ever reason).

  • free2playfree2play Member UncommonPosts: 1,986
    Originally posted by Foomerang
    If you're into crafting, gathering, playing the market, its one of the best new mmos out there.

    The class aspect is fine.

    Crafting is rotations oriented and even with low quality end gear you feel accomplished in what you are doing. The shard grind is murder. You will see it later on when you are spending two thirds of your time gathering them or pissing away your gil buying them in a 5:1 ratio over gathered material. Taking them out of Alchemy was a bad idea.

  • MagikrorriMMagikrorriM Member UncommonPosts: 210

    I have paid for 6 months worth of time, so far (9.99 legacy price made it worth while). From what I can tell you, the Legacy servers have a queue time, a lot of these players started at level 50 and are still playing the game. Since Hyperion was so crowded and I wanted to play with friends from another game, I made a new character on a different server, which seems to be growing in player numbers.

    Generally what most people don't realize in this thread, that FFXIV ARR plays a lot like other FF games prior to it. You'll have your tutorial phase, which unlocks things in the game, and has a controlled progression just like FFXI via the main story line, basically you can't do x unless you have done y, which is typical for old school mmo, think attunement of vanilla WoW.

    Group play was important in FFXI, this is no less different in FFXIV, but instead of grouping up and killing mobs in "camps", you have the big raids for fates, dungeons, guildhests. They don't actually force you for group play as much as FFXI did, but you'll get more out of the game if you group.

    In mid December 2.1 patch will happen, looks to be a lot of content is being added in a single patch. Hard modes of dungeons, new dungeons, crystal tower raid, casual PvP 4v4 (in open beta this was level capped 30,40,50), extreme modes of the primals, FC housing, treasure hunts, can find more about it on the lodestone website.

    I have been a long time player of MMOs, and have yet to see a MMO release with as much content prior to the 6 month mark, but no mmo has started with level 50 players either, and by the looks of things those level 50 players are still playing the game.

    None of us knows what you like as far as combat, PvE, the leveling experince ect., I won't take a yes or no position on the game, because personally I am enjoying it, I can only tell you what I've experienced population wise myself, the game is solid and seems to be growing in numbers.

    Take that for what it's worth. Some people seem to feel as though a single mmo should be released with 10 years worth of content, just like the game they left, the reality is that's not going to happen, if you have ever played a mmo from it's beginning, you should know what to expect. Just keep in mind some posters have said they left the game, but will be back at 2.1, says something about the game right there.

  • SetzerSetzer Member UncommonPosts: 202
    I'm almost to level 50 on my Conjurer/White Mage and I'll probably cancel my sub after I finish the main storyline. The game is enjoyable and the main storyline is one of the better FF stories I've played in a while. The combat is ok...I don't mind the slower pace. It reminds me of some older mmo's I used to play. I like being able to switch between all the classes with one character. I think the team that took over the development of the game did an extraordinary job given what they had to work with and in the short amount of time. I think the game will get better over time. I'll probably come back once they've added more content, added PvP and housing.

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